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    What is the most awaited future technology in town? Yes, there are many by the dozen if you want to put a list. Driverless cars and bikes, self deciding chatbots, 5G network and more. Hmm! Are you surprised? If so, please note, 5G is the most awaited network in town. The reason, this new version can help bring about data connection with millions of devices in a few minutes. In this article, let us discuss the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of using 5G on apps in 2020.

    Yes, data transmission will be faster. What? Are you laughing because we are speaking about data transmission and data transfer? Hold on for two minutes. First, understand the importance of data transfer. If the internet speed is not strong, then you will not be able to send emails or receive attachments. How else will you save the file in Google Docs? Now, do you understand the power of data transfer? The facility that can make it possible is the 5G network and we are going to discuss this technology in detail.

    But as per industry experts, 5G cannot be called just as a network. In fact, it is the very infrastructure for a system that can connect hundreds of devices. And the very fact, it can bring about changes in economic policies by a total level. 5G has captured interest not only among businesses but also among individuals.

    In this article on benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of using 5G in 2020, you gain information on the changes that can be brought about by new technologies in various industries. But hold on! We shall first discuss the impact of 5G on apps instead of on other industries.

    What Are The Benefits of using 5G on mobile apps?

    1. Fast Speed
    With 5G, it will be possible to download apps in seconds. And the most important part, you do not have to worry about the MB size. And for businessmen who gain revenue from app downloads, 5G will be a boon.

    2. File Transfer
    If you are a working professional, it is easy to understand the title. When you have a fast speed connection, the transfer becomes easy. Guess the speed? It is 490 MBPS browsing speed and the download speed is also 100 MBPS. So, it will amount to speedy transfer of files.

    3. Fast Activity
    You always want/will want to use an app that has greater speed. Imagine the frustrations, if the app takes a long time to give a response.
    With 5G, the response to your activity will be faster.  This aspect will be more useful when it comes to AR/VR based mobile apps.

    4. User Experience
    By reading the last three paragraphs, you know that 5G can improve the experience of users to a great extent. But the best benefit is clarity.

    Now let us know about the industries which will get the maximum benefit from 5G.

    Benefits Of Using 5G on Apps in 2020
    5G can help industries and make them gain revenue, but the biggest advantage is to the career industry. As per an estimate, the new technology can help create thousands of new jobs.Impact of 5G

    As per industry experts, every business worth its value in the industry sector is going to definitely go through rapid changes. Yet, there are some industries which will adopt 5G technology in the very first instance. These companies will be the pioneers of 5G adoption when it comes to mobile domains. Shall we look into some of them?

    A. Internet of Things (IoT)
    There are two benefits of real-time communication. One is speed and the second is long battery life. They are the perfect conditions for the growth of the Internet of Things. As per a recent survey, experts of several industry sectors found that many consider IoT as the most promising user of 5G. But since the speed is very fast, the mobile app developers have to work on designing platforms for appliances within milliseconds.

    B. Smart Cities
    Since 5G is becoming a reality, then smart cities can also become possible. Now you can connect to multiple devices with this technology. Imagine you are the owner of many businesses in Mumbai city. You can connect to multiple businesses and then give responses to the customers within the required time.

    C. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
    Since five years, these two technologies are the most awaited in the market. Now with 5G, you can experience their applications in all facts of life. You can attend a famous event from your home. So there are many industries which stand to benefit from these changes such as Education, Army, and Healthcare.

    D. Logistics and Production
    There are many industries where the machines are run with apps. If the internet speed is not enough, then the machines will face problems in doing the task. These problems will finally get solved by 5G industries. But it is robotics division which will receive a boost. And when it comes to logistics, you can notice many robots working in the future because of 5G.

    E. Healthcare
    There are few complications in healthcare such as giving counseling to patients in other nations because of slow internet speed. After 5G comes into the picture, then doctors can provide counseling and operations on time. Remote monitoring of patients will be the best benefit of 5G in healthcare. Also, devices connected with mobile apps for monitoring of health can give accurate results.

    But hold on! Adoption of 5G is not all a bed of roses. There are certain challenges when it comes to the implementation of 5G in mobile apps.

    Disadvantages Of Using 5G on Apps in 2020

    1. Security
    With the number of security issues rising by the hour, there will be a need for greater security. The reason, so many devices, and networks will get connected. So, loopholes may get created when it comes to security.

    2. Establishment of 5G Based Business Model
    The speed is a factor which many businesses have to contend with. The existing business model needs to be adapted as per the requirement. So mobile app strategists have a lot to think about the changes to be made.

    3. Multiple App Versions
    There are still some who retain the 2G mobiles. So, will the owners opt for a change or will they let the app become a part of the 5G race? Only time will tell.

    So, outlined in the article are some benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of using 5G on apps. Now let us imagine, you are an expert specializing in mobile repair, Mumbai. You work as a freelancer by giving doorstep repair service. You want to be the number one mobile repair technician in the city. So, you have joined as a freelance executive for a popular home maintenance services which specializes in giving mobile phone repair online Mumbai. Now, this company has an app by which the customer books a request. With 5G, download for this app will be fast, and the response given to the customer will also be faster. So, 5G will also become the benefactor of home improvement companies not only in India but also in the entire globe.

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