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4 Important Facts about a Male Vasectomy

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The idea of undergoing a vasectomy procedure makes many men feel uncomfortable. However, vasectomies are an extremely effective contraception solution. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of a vasectomy, here are five important facts to take on board first.

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Low-Risk Procedure

If you’re worried about the risks of infection or bleeding from a male vasectomy, you’ll be happy to know it’s a low-risk procedure. Vasectomies are generally considered safe, meaning complications are few and far between. 

No Sexual Health Risks

A male vasectomy procedure does not cause damage to the penis. This means you won’t experience side effects linked to hormone charges also. After a vasectomy, you can still produce sperm. However, as your tubes will be cut, this won’t allow the sperm to move outside of your body. Men who undergo vasectomies are still capable of producing semen, and there will be no change to your sexual performance or desire. 

Fast Recovery Time

Some men are anxious about having to take time off work after a vasectomy to recover. Thankfully, in most instances, this won’t need to happen. When compared to other surgeries, a vasectomy procedure’s recovery time is relatively short. In fact, if you enjoy regular exercise, you can resume working out within a matter of days. Should there be any soreness, you can use a cold compress or take over-the-counter pain relief like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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Very Effective at Reducing Pregnancies

Unlike any birth control available on the market, vasectomies are the most effective way of stopping unwanted pregnancies and undergoing a vasectomy will reduce the birth control burden on your partner. What’s more, there is no longer the need to make sure you wear a condom when it comes to sex. This means you can enjoy a great sex life with your partner without the worry of pregnancy. 

Opting for a vasectomy isn’t a decision you should make overnight. Whatever your reasons are for the procedure, knowing the facts first and having a solid idea of what to expect will give you more confidence in your final decision. 

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