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    Impact of Students Achievements on Use of Technology in Their Learning Habits

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    Impact of Students Achievements on Use of Technology in Their Learning Habits

    We are living in a technological era. We can see the influence of technology in every field. In olden days students didn’t have much data sources they have to depend on textbooks and other books which are offered by teachers. But after the developments of technology, the field of education changed completely. People depend too much on the internet and technological devices. It really helped to enhance the learning process and also the teaching process. It helped not only students but also teachers. At first teachers and educational institutions was not much confidence regarding the use of technology in the classroom and in the educational field. Research shows that more than 80%of students use the internet and other technological devices in their day to day life. Some use for entertainments and some use for the educational purpose. If the technology used purely for educational purpose by the students we can see a massive positive change in their academic performance.

    Learn the basic skills of technology

    When students use technology while learning it will make them experts in basic skills of technology. We know that we are living in a technological era. In which students must attain the basic skills and techniques of technology and it will make them experts in that particular area. So as we know students use technology in their learning process. It makes their learning easy and helps them to save time and energy. If they need extra information about a particular topic or if they find some confusing factors in their learning they can easily search that particular information by using technology. In this way, students will get some basic techniques of technology which will be useful in their future studies. Only writing skill is not enough to improve the achievements of students they must get extra skills too which will be rendered through technology.

    Positive attitude towards learning

    When they use and include technology in their learning habits naturally they look into the learning process in a positive way. In the past students have to focus on lectures and textbooks, have to write down notes, if they find any doubt in their learning they will not get the courage to ask it. But the technological era changed the perspectives of the student’s towards the learning and also towards the teaching process. They can get all kind of help and assistance with technology. It makes them more confident and will attract them towards the learning process. They will show a positive attitude towards the learning process. This will naturally lead to improvising their achievement in their academic journey.

    Confidence in their ability

    Confidence is the most important element as far as a student is concerned. Students must believe in their ability and hard work. When students continuously and regularly use technology in their learning habits, they will show more confidence and they will feel pride in their work. A student’s achievement increases when they believe in themselves. They don’t need to depend much on teachers and text materials they can get all kind of guidance and follow up with technology. They can clear the confusion regarding the subjects and they can listen to lecturing again and again. They will get all kind of learning materials in it so it will make them more confident and self-discipline. This will motivate them to go higher level studies and achieve something in their life.

    These are some positive impact of technology on student’s achievements. But we have to be very careful and have to observe whether they are not misusing the technological devices. We have to make sure that technology must be used for educational purpose then only they can improve their learning habits and can achieve something in their life.


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