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Top 8 Buyers of ID Badges

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ID Badges In a world where more and more people are able to interact with each other, ID cards are a must-have. Be it in a formal or an informal environment, the best way to know who you are interacting with is by taking a look at their ID badge.

There are some organisations that top the list for buying ID badges in bulk.


Schools need to provide ID cards to students. These ID cards need to be cheap yet durable. Students are likely to damage or lose the cards. Hence it is important for school authorities to find a place to get their IDs printed in bulk and at affordable prices. With every semester a new bulk order of ID cards enters schools.


Hospitals are places where ID badges are very important. Someone without an ID card in a hospital is not authorised to be dealing with a patient. It is the basic thing that can help differentiate between a trained medical professional from a regular visitor. Hospitals need to buy both employee IDs as well as visitor IDs.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement must have their ID on them to be able to do their work. Without their ID on them, they cannot exercise their powers. At the same time, for granting visitor access to penitentiaries and the law enforcement buildings there is a need for ID as well. Thus, law enforcement departments also buy ID badges in bulk. 

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Restaurants need to have ID badges for staff for the customers’ ease. Without the staff having their ID badges the dining experience can be affected. But restaurants need a regular inflow of replacement badges for the constantly changing staff. Which is why many restaurants opt to buy affordable plastic ID badges online.

Non-Profit Organisations

Non-Profit Organisations send staff and volunteers to handle difficult cases. Without the member of the NGO standing out as a member of an NGO, they may not be able to perform their duty. The ID badges given to NGO workers need to be highly durable. The badges can be badges that just state the role of the bad holder or it may have more details of the ID holder. NGOs usually have a large network of volunteers. Plastic ID badges are durable and reusable volunteer badges.

Multinational Organisations

Multi-National Organisations need a large variety and number of ID cards. From visitor ID badges to employee IDs, large organisations need to have them all. MNCs are top buyers of plastic ID badges for this very reason.

Retail Stores

Retail stores need ID badges just like restaurants. The ID badges of retail store staff tell the customer who to approach for any need. Retail stores can also offer loyal customers with ID cards that enable them to get discounts.


Gyms need to have plastic IDs for members as well as staff. Usually, the ID enables the staff and members access to the gym. Without a membership ID you may not be able to enjoy your gym membership. Plastic IDs for gyms ensure that the ID is more durable than that of any other material.

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