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6 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Political Activism

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Social Media Technology is majorly impacting the way in which information and ideas are shared among friends, families, and even strangers around the globe. It is clear that technology has greatly revolutionized how people communicate with one another, through visual and sound media. With this, society is able to see how easy it is to mass distribute different types of information. This kind of ability has influenced and changed how people connect to, think about, and engage with activism and social justice. With this, social media is a powerful tool in creating awareness as well as providing a platform where activists, organizations, and citizens can come together to demand justice and political reform.Social Media

Nevertheless, here are 6 ways you can use social media for political activism.

  1. Partnering with Influencers.

Social media provides a platform where you can reach numerous influencers, or people with a huge following on their social media handles, without leaving the comfort of your home or jumping through hoops meeting with managers. Socials media influencers usually have enough followers to influence a public opinion, which can be extremely useful when you are looking to spread a particular message. If such an individual can promote an issue or cause, they will be greatly beneficial in reaching other people with similar interests, as well as creating awareness.Social Media

It is now easier than ever to organize a fundraiser for a particular campaign you are pushing, all thanks to socials media. You have a platform that would increase charitable donations by connecting with different donors using a single post. Through awareness and engagement, your audience has a space to grow organically and empathize towards your goal through donations and other forms of help you might require for a cause. Your social media platform is also able to provide a look into your past campaigns and their authenticity, thus creating a form of trust between you and your audience.Social Media

  1. Merchandise.

Merchandise, or merch, is a great way to use social media for political activism. One of the best ways to create awareness is through printed text, and this can be done in multiple ways, especially through branding. For one, you can invest in political activist t shirts which can be used to pass across any message, and the same message is posted on socials media sites. A lot of organizations also use other forms of branded clothing to create awareness such as hoodies, caps, and pants.Social Media 

  1. Events.
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Hosting an event has never been an easy feat, especially a political one. However, this has changed in past years due to the major shift that has come with organizing events through socials media spaces. Being able to produce an event could build a great amount of community engagement around a topic. Promoting an event through socials media is also able to save you in terms of time and cost, as well as capture the attention of several audiences. Social media also helps during planning as you can get an estimate of the number of people to expect at your event.Social Media

  1. Spreading Awareness.

Social media is a big help when it comes to spreading awareness concerning a particular topic. It is estimated that most people spend an average of around 5 to 6 hours on their phones daily. This means that technology plays a big part in people’s lives, as people spend hours consuming information on social media. This can work to your advantage through activism given the fact that you can use pictures, videos, and audios filled with political and social issues being encountered by the community.

  1. Mass Participation.

Social media makes it easy to be socially and politically active, majorly through the signing and sharing of petitions. Having to physically show up to people can be time-consuming, compared to multiple people taking action while at different sides of the globe. The power of social media is now great enough to influence a call to action when numerous people push for a political cause.


From the above tips, it is clear that you should be using social media in your activist endeavors. You and multiple others will be able to influence change faster by simply tapping a button, possibly reaching millions of people with an important message that could change the world for the better. 

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