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This pizza restaurant in Vastrapur is famous for a large collection of pizzas crafted in different styles which include the famous ones such as:

Twisted Pizza:

The Twisted Pizza in Ahmedabad served by Caffix is an amazing appetizer for the flavor lovers who want something that is little less messy with the classic taste of pizza intact to the core. This twisted pastry style pizza comes with the perfection of pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and the crunchiness of pastry puffs. It is the perfect addition to the next party you plan with the twisted pizza in Ahmedabad. The cheese dripping from every bite you take off the twisted pizza in Ahmedabad is surely going to bring you again and again to Caffix.


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The margherita pizza served by this tech café in Ahmedabad is worth every penny you spend on it. The fresh aroma of basil leaves decked with the taste of garlic cloves found in the sauce is surely going to take you on a trip to Italy straight from this tech café in Ahmedabad. The amazing topping comprised of the favorite mozzarella cheese with the hand grated parmesan cheese atop the cherry tomatoes will surely make you want to eat more. The toppings and ingredients added straight from the local produce to keep the aroma intact in the room even after you have consumed it all. Top it with some oregano and chili flakes, and you are good to go.

Farm Fresh:

If you are in search of a good pizza restaurant in Vastrapur, make sure you pay a visit to the Caffix where you can eat the best out of the menu straight from Italy which includes the scrumptious and delicious Farm Fresh Pizza loaded with the goodness and crispiness of veggies with nutritional value and amazing taste at the same time. Served on the side with the baked version of potato wedges along with a tasty glass of strawberry Mojito, it makes up for the complete meal to have on a weekend with friends.

BBQ Paneer:

Paneer and pizza is the favorite combination for any Indian looking for cafes in Vastrapur that serves perfectly crafted BBQ Paneer pizzas with jalapeno peppers to add to the taste. Paneer diced into uniformly sized small pieces with fresh kernels, and shredded mozzarella cheese makes for the amazing taste of BBQ Paneer pizza. The crisp base with layers of cheese atop makes for the perfect dish to spend your money on a beautiful rainy day.

Caffix Special Veg:

If you are looking for a super loaded pizza, make sure you order the Caffix Special Veg with two layers of topping and veggies. The bottom part is decked with cheese while the upper flaunts an amazing collection of veggies with huge paneer chunks.

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