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ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION As we are living in a technological era and we can see the impact and influence of technology in every field. Internet and the combination of technology have changed our life completely and it helped us to live a stress-free life. The use of internet and technology we can see in every field and it really brought a drastic change in life as well as professional life. If we take one single field which is more wide deep and broad that is educational field it has brought a new thought and techniques in the teaching-learning process. Students are mainly youngsters really attracted by this new technological era and we can say that they are really lucky that they got all the facilities and developed thoughts in tier generation. But in olden traditional days it was, limited to schools and libraries but now they can get whatever they want in their single finger touch. Mainly schools are deeply using technology in the educational process. It really helped to enhance the quality of education. At first teachers and educational institutions showed some kind of delay in using electronic devices in the classroom but now they use it and execute its usage I front of students ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION.

Made teaching-learning process more attractive

In the olden days when teachers followed the traditional method, it was really boring for teachers as well as students but they never expressed their dissatisfaction because they didn’t have any alternative methods. But after the usage of technology in the educational field, they got new methods and techniques for executing their curriculum which made learning more interesting and students actively participate in every class activities. ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION The teacher can show pictures movies which are related to the subject. When we use audio-visual aids in the classroom naturally it increases the student’s interest and they enthusiastically participate in the discussions. The teacher can offer real-life experience and make them understand what the real world is. It’s not only in the textbooks in the real world also such things happen such thoughts will bring some changes in students learning attitudes ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION.

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Encourage creative writings

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With the help of internet, teacher can create classroom blogs and website and add students. And can ask them to write their thoughts and ideas on particular issues related in the society. And arrange a discussion on that blog. At that time each and every student will participate in the discussion with their own personal thoughts and ideas. And also the teacher can direct students to post their own writings and drawings which will be a confidence booster for the students. When a teacher gives positive feedback to tier writing it will encourage them to write more and they will actively participate in such activities and will be an opportunity for introvert students too. Through this teacher can create a good rapport with the students ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION.

Basic skills of technology

When educational institutions use technology and internet in the schools at the beginning stage itself it will be a positive impact o the students. They will become an expert in operating technological devices. As now we are living in a technological era in the future our world will follow the path of technology and by using technology now itself we can prepare students for the future. Future will be filled with competition and every professional company will ask for perfection in operating technology. So schools will give basic education to students in the small class itself ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION.

When we are talking about the use of the internet and technology in the classroom we must think of the other negative side of technology. The excess use of technology will create problems for the teenagers so teachers and parents must observe the usage of the internet by the students. If they are using it for educational purpose then encourage them but never let them use it for another purpose by crossing their limits. So the internet and technology are the blessings which changed whole educational systems and now we can see more than 80% of schools are having a smart classroom which will help to enhance the quality of ECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION

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