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Best Ways to Pamper Yourselves on the Summer Weekends

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Apart from the good food and entertainment, there are many other ways to pamper your bodies and skin on weekends. Especially, during the summer season, when you cannot go out that much, you need some other things to enjoy and relax. So, we have compiled a list of the best ways to pamper yourselves at your home. Yes, you can do that without any doubt and without burning your pockets.

So, read on and make this weekend an extremely indulgent affair!

1 – Massage:

Having a relaxing full-body massage is a wonderful idea; right? The stressful daily routines and the jobs that pay rents but take a toll on your bodies – we all need it! However, many reasons make it impossible to go to some massage parlor regularly. So, grab the Urbanclap Offers and schedule a massage session at your home! Yes, we know that you will love it for sure.

You can find many expert masseuses online. You can also read their reviews and their profiles for a better experience. Book one surprise session for your spouse and enjoy a relaxing weekend at your home.

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2 – Body Spa Therapies:

You can also book a body spa therapy or a whole bunch of them at your home. Do you have kids of small age that cannot be left with some other person? Do you want to get some cucumber cleansing for your dull skin? Do you miss your parlor wali didi back in your Maayka that used to send someone at home for everything?

Well, these and all the other scenarios can be wonderfully addressed with the online services. You can book an appointment for this weekend and enjoy right at your home.

3 – Get some makeover:

Are you bored with your current dressing and makeup routine? Do you have almost no time left to be spent on personal appearance and grooming? Then, worry not and find some makeover specialist online. The UrbanClap coupon codes will make sure to bring some savings with every booking you do.

You can find all kinds of trusted professionals such as hair stylists and makeup experts etc. They can not only help you get ready for a party but give you some really good tips. So, put the kids under your husband’s care this Saturday and enjoy the makeover!

4 – Good Food that is made NOT by you!

Cooking is an activity that has been handed over to the womenfolk since the dawn of civilization. However, it gets really demanding and boring with time; right? Women love feeding their families and draw immense satisfaction in watching their kids eating. But, everybody should have a break from the routine. This weekend, don’t cook the special dished for anyone!

Instead, listen to your heart and order a delicious meal as per your liking. Take a day off from the kitchen chores and indulge in a delicious meal that wasn’t cooked by you! Ahem, to avoid glares and scoffs from the hubbies and babies, order some things for them as well. After all, a family weekend can be enjoyed anywhere!

5 – Get some renovation done and dusted!

Everybody loves to live in a wonderful home that oozes love and warmth. However, the tides of time make everything dull and boring. So, the rug you purchase 10 years ago might not be as welcoming as it looked then. And, the wall paint that was so trendy 2-years back, might not be as appealing now.

The kitchen cabinets might need replacement as well. And, yes, the décor might also be lacking in some areas; Right? Don’t keep on postponing everything for Diwali season. Book expert consultations and services from Urbanclap today using Urbanclap promo codes. Enjoy savings and expert beauty services at the same time. You can watch things getting moved; replaced and turning beautiful without even going out!

Nothing can compare to the joy of renovating the place you call as home!

And, worry not! You can get all kinds of help such as cleaners; plumbers and carpenters online. All you have to do is give the instructions and cool drinks (just for laughs)!

6 – Get a Pedicure and Foot Massage Lady!

Your feet drive your household and the lives of everyone around you! You should give them some special treatment now and then. So, instead of taking inspirations from the degenerated traditions of getting a foot massage from your BAHU spend some bucks! Haha!

You can book a rich and relaxing pedicure and foot massage session at your home. Get those feet polished and cared for by the expert beauticians. Grab your phone or some magazine that you have been waiting to read. Let some music warm up the atmosphere and enjoy a wonderful pampering session for your feet.

So ladies! Don’t let the weekends become tiring than the weekdays. Follow these tips and suggestions and enjoy your weekends like a boss!

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