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4 Effects of Smoking on the Digestive System

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Digestive System We all have heard that smoking is harmful to health, but if one has the habit of smoking, it is difficult to quit it even after lots of disclaimers. Smokers invite numerous serious health issues and keep on fighting with them throughout their lives. The digestive system of smokers is highly affected by this habit. They deal with frequent heartburn, peptic ulcer, acidity and many other diseases. It is always recommended to quit smoking as soon as possible, but it is not that easy. So, in that case, smokers should rely on home remedies for heartburn and acidity till the time they have not fully abandoned smoking. These remedies don’t have any side effects and help in treating mild symptoms instantly.

Diseases that harm our digestive system because of smoking are enumerated in the pointers below. Pay heed to these points and take natural remedies for gas trouble if the problem is not that serious.


The acid juices produced by our stomach helps in digesting foods. In case, these juices flow backward into our esophagus it causes heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  Esophagus or food pipe is guarded against these acids by esophageal sphincter and smoking weakens this sphincter.  

Crohn’s disease

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes an autoimmune disorder of our digestive tract is termed Crohn’s disease. This disease is more common among smokers in comparison with non-smokers. You can control Crohn’s but there is no permanent cure for this and smoking can elevate the symptoms of this illness too Digestive System. 

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Cancer of the digestive system

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Smoking not only causes voice box, mouth, and lips cancer, but also increases the risk of stomach, liver, rectum, pancreas, and colon cancer. So, we can say that smoking can harm the whole body if done regularly.


Smoking increases the risk of pancreatitis. Inflammation in the pancreas that is located near rectum is termed pancreatitis. Digestive enzymes released from the pancreas are not active until they reach the small intestine. However, when a person is suffering from pancreatitis the pancreatic tissues are affected by digestive enzymes and the inflammation in pancreas occurs.

The best way to avoid all these health issues is to discard smoking. If you can’t take this step immediately, it is advised to use ayurvedic products for instant relief from gas. You can use products of Gas-O-Fast. There are different variants of natural antacids, like gas o fast jeera, ajwain, and so on. These are sachets infused with the goodness of nature.

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