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Got A Job Offer? Negotiate Salary Like A Pro!

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Money is a complicated topic – especially when you’re asking for it! Whenever we get job offers, we often bow down and accept whatever is being awarded because negotiation is slightly tabooed in our society. When you factor in gender, it becomes ever more difficult as women are always taught to settle for what they’re given and be grateful that they’re being considered in the first place. 

Many reasons hold you back. You don’t want to jeopardize your chances of getting a good package, so you keep your voice down. Make no mistake; you’re most likely to make this mistake when you think that the offer is reasonable. But is it truly worth it? That’s something that we need to ponder. As we have seen the recrutement by the cheap essay writing service is a stiff process.

We always think from the other side of the painting- we think that there are few companies that would offer us the same package and so grabbing the first opportunity that comes in your way seems like the right thing to do at first. But you have to understand that companies also face competition. They want to retain and hire competent people. Who wouldn’t want to hire a candidate with a high level of skill-set? And most of the times, contrary to our belief, they do offer competitive wages to hold on to the in-demand professionals. 

To get what you think you deserve, you have to think and act like it. You have to prepare yourself for the big settlement; however, if you have the specialized skill-set and an impressive resume, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Make sure that you’re ready with your responses and they have to be feisty yet calm. You don’t want to rub off the recruiters the wrong way. 

Here’s what we think you should do! 

Familiarize Yourself with Industry Salary Trends

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The most basic thing that you need to do is research. Find out what’s happening in the industry. You must go in for the negotiation as informed as possible. Information will be essential and serve as your best ally. Hence, have a realistic approach and know what the current compensation is being offered in your professional landscape. You must also rate your experience and position in the market accurately and without any bias. Of course, you work hard and deserving of all things great – but are you on the right path yet? 

Build Your Case

After you have your salary offer in your hands, take a deep breath. You can’t jump at them with a higher number without backups. It’s great if you have statistics and numbers up your sleeves but you have to explain to them why you deserve more. You need to sell your skills and detail every tiny piece of information about you that would be an added point to the role that they want you for. 

You need to have concrete examples on your fingertips that highlight your skills and experience. Basically, they need to know what benefits you offer to the company and why you will be an asset to them. 

Wrap It Up 

The right way to negotiate is to know when to stop. By continuing to sing praises about yourself, you’re going to bore the recruiters and that can sometimes be substituted with frustration. So have confidence but not to the point of delusion and arrogance. 

Looking for roles like that of assignment writers UK? Got an offer from somewhere? Well, make sure that you do your research before you go. Know what is happening in the market and what your actual worth is and then build your case around it. 

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Inaayat Chaudhry
Inaayat Chaudhry is an author, digital marketing expert and content developer at He is also a veteran in the digital field. Shamsul Hoda brings over eight years of experience in content strategy and digital marketing analysis in the tech industry to a variety of blogs and articles including factsnfigs and and meny more blogs.

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