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How to Add Payroll Items to Multiple Employees in QuickBooks

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We are here to provide you the steps to set up the payroll item list along with the steps to access and edit it via this article. In case, you find difficult to perform the following steps by yourself and want to take the help of an expert, then we are here at ReconcileBooks.

Assign Items in the Employee Center


Click “Employee Center,” and then select the “Employees” tab.


Double-click an employee’s name, or click “New Employee” and provide the employee’s information to add the employee.

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Click the “Change” drop-down menu, and then click the “Payroll and Compensation Info” tab.


Select a payroll item from the “Item” drop-down menu in the “Additions, Deductions and Company Contributions” section. Enter the total deduction for each paycheck. Alternatively, enter other types of payroll items by selecting the item type and providing the necessary information.

QuickBooks Payroll Item List Missing

Some payroll tasks are easier than others. For example, it’s not overly difficult to set up new payroll items. You need a payroll item for every line on your employees’ paystubs that identifies funds that are either added (compensation) or deducted (withholding, like taxes and benefits). QuickBooks’ payroll setup walks you through their initial creation.

But let’s say that the parking ramp down the street from your office has decided to give your employees a price break if they park there regularly. They want these fees submitted to them monthly, in one check from you. The easiest way to handle it would be to set up a new payroll item to deduct the money from employees’ paychecks, and then write the monthly check yourself get more help for QuickBooks Chat Support.

How to set up QuickBooks Payroll item list?

Before applying the following steps, don’t forget to turn on QuickBooks Payroll. If you want to create or set up individual QuickBooks Items list, then you can follow the steps written below:

Open the Lists and choose the Payroll Item List.

In order to add a new QuickBooks payroll item, then you need to choose the Payroll Item.

After that, you have to click New in the Payroll Item menu. Now, the Add New Payroll Item dialog box will appear by QuickBooks on the screen.

Payroll Item Detail Report

The Payroll Item Detail report lists the payroll transactions on which each payroll item appears. For example, you could use this report to find out which paychecks had deductions for a 401(k) plan.

To generate this report:

From the Reports menu, choose Employees & Payroll and then Payroll Item Detail.

By default, the report covers the current calendar quarter, but you can change the period covered by choosing a different date range from the Dates list.

To display any of the transactions listed, double-click the transaction’s entry in the report.

Modifying Reports

You can modify the reports to increase or decrease details. In the report window, click Modify Report. Use the different tabs to customize your report.

Steps to Assign QuickBooks Payroll Items in the Employee Center

Open the Employee tab and click on Employee Center.

Double-tap on the Employee’s Name or choose New Employee.

Add all the necessary employee’s information to add the employee.

After that, you have to choose the Payroll and Compensation info in the Change drop-down menu.

In the Item drop-down menu, click on the payroll item under the Additions, Deductions and Company Contributions.

Now, you need to enter the total deduction for each employee.

How to edit QuickBooks Payroll Item List?

In order to manage individual amounts on a paycheck and accumulate year-to-date tax amounts and wages, QuickBooks utilized the payroll item list. The payroll items are managed for taxes, additions & deductions, expenses, and compensation. These all can be assigned to different accounts as required.

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In Conclusion We have provided you the steps to set up QuickBooks Payroll Item List along with the steps to access and edit it manually. We consider that the above article helped you and provided you the required information. You can set up the payroll item list manually by following the simple steps. Fill in the name that you want to appear on paystubs and in reports, etc., and click next. Here’s where a QuickBooks training course would come in handy. In the following screens, you’ll have to specify the related liability account, tax tracking type, and taxes that will be affected, as well as instructing QuickBooks on calculating the deduction.

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