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Bid welcome to a perfect instant messaging app by launching the WeChat clone

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Launching the WeChat clone: Hello! We have a never-ending obsession with instant messaging applications. Agree? A few decades before, none of us would have thought that our mode of communication would get a facelift with these instant messaging apps. Though there is a pile of instant messaging apps, usually we go for a few yet popular messaging apps. In that list of popular apps, WeChat holds the top position. 

WeChat is a Chinese-based app that never slips out a chance to entertain users. The app is special because it provides various services like online games, payments, etc., in addition to instant messaging. Eyeing the eminence of WeChat, several app developers started modeling replicas called WeChat clones. 

This blog will be filled with ideas to develop your WeChat clone. Let us start with how WeChat managed to gain popularity.

How WeChat Managed To Absorb A Huge UserBase?

There are many traits vested in WeChat that made it a big hit in the marketplace. So, we shall look through them one by one in detail.

  • Size of the app

Generally, we all might have faced the problem of uninstalling an existing app in order to download a new app. With WeChat, there are no space constraint issues. The popularity of the app starts with its size. WeChat occupies just 2MB; thereby users can download the app without the need to uninstall any of the existing apps.

  • Free features
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In several apps, we would have come across paid features. Whereas in WeChat, there are no such kinds of paid features. Users are granted free access to all the features.

  • Find nearby users

Unlike other instant messaging apps, WeChat allows users to discover nearby users. This feature of exploring nearby users gave an edge to the popularity of the app.

  • The all-in-one platform

WeChat reached the peak of eminence when it integrated several online services. Through this app, a user can book a taxi, order food, make transactions, play games, make calls, and chat with friends. This makeover to the app acknowledges it as super apps.

WeChat is more of an instant messaging app and nothing short of an entertainment platform. While there are so many features to awe, who will say no to this app?

I am sure that by now, you would have been excited to develop a WeChat like app. If that’s what is circling on your mind, then here is the WeChat clone.

WeChat Clone And Its Pile Of Features

While we were learning about the popularity of WeChat, we came across the features. Features of your app should be given utmost importance as they will help in enhancing the user experience. So, here, we will know about the stupendous features of the WeChat clone.

Never miss out on these features!

  • Effortless registration

Quick registration is what users will prefer. With a WeChat clone, your users can join the app just by linking their mobile numbers. One and done!

  • Automatic synchronization

Once your users join the app, they will be asked for permission to synchronize their contacts. If users approve, then all the contacts in their phonebook will automatically synchronize with the app.

  • Video and voice calls

Among the many features, people love the integration of voice and video calling features. Quality will matter the most in the case of video and voice calls. WeChat allows 9 people to participate in video/voice calls. Likewise, you can decide the number of participants for conference calls.

  • Payments

In recent times, the payment feature has been added to instant messaging apps. You might have noticed the payment feature in WhatsApp. Therefore, adding payment gateways to your app will be an added advantage.

  • Encryption

While the privacy of the user data is the top priority, how could we leave the encryption? Never take a chance on the private data of users. We all know that WhatsApp succumbed to the loss of users due to its privacy policy updates. Therefore, roll the dice in a fairway.

  • Analytics

Analytics will help you in monitoring the user’s activities. To be explicit, analytics will keep track of the features that are concentrated by the user, hours of activity, etc. With analytics by your side, you can know the overall performance of users and optimize it accordingly.

Cost of developing an app like WeChat

Here comes the crucial part of this blog- the cost of development. In general, the cost of developing an app is directly proportional to various factors like platform type, hours spent, the number of features added, and not to leave the place of your app developer. Also, it differs from one company to another. On the whole, the above-said factors will influence the overall cost.


Yay! We covered a wide range of sections regarding the WeChat clone app development. Right from the features to the cost of development, I hope that you find them useful. Launch your WeChat clone right away!

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I work in a leading taxi app development company AppDupe located in the US. We are mainly into the cloning of mobile apps and this area has intrigued my interest to explore it further.

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