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12 Queries To Ask Before Hiring A Professional Whiteboard Video Animator

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Following are the twelve most important interview questions that you need to ask before hiring a whiteboard video animator.

Question No. 1: What Do You Know About Whiteboard Video Animation?
A professional whiteboard video animator must have the proper knowledge about the whiteboard video animations, and it is not like they only have the knowledge about whiteboard animations, but the must also have some basic knowledge about other types of video animations as well.

Question No. 2: What Makes The Whiteboard Animated Video Different From Other Animated Videos?

Every professional whiteboard video animator knows that there are four things that make the whiteboard animated video exclusive from other types of video animations. It is the white background with black drawings, a drawing hand and the fact that all the drawings are linked with one another, that makes the whiteboard animation video to look different from all the other types of the video animations.

Question No. 3: Which Software You Prefer to Use to Create a Whiteboard Video Animation?

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There are so many tools that are used to create the whiteboard video animation, but in order to create a stunning and a perfect whiteboard video animation, it is important that the whiteboard video animator must know the best of all the tools to create something that was worth investing your time and money.

Question No. 4: For How Long You Have Been Providing Whiteboard Animation Video Service?

The experience of the video animator will tell you whether they should be trusted with the quality of the work or not. If the video animator is inexperienced, then it is more likely that they might not provide a very high-quality service for you.

Question No. 5: Is There Any Other Type of Animation Video Service That You Provide?

Since there are so many types of video animations, it could be possible that the video animator that you are interviewing might have the talent to create other kinds of video animation services as well. If they provide the quality in your work and you would need any other kind of animated video in the future you know where you have to go to, or maybe recommend someone else to get the services from.

Question No. 6: Do You Create the Script of the Whiteboard Animated Video by Yourself?

Some whiteboard video animators prefer to create the script of the video by themselves, or they have an in-house writer who can create a perfect script for the video. However, some whiteboard video animators only charge you for the animation work and ask to arrange the script on your own and provide them so that they can continue with the animation process.

Question No. 7: What Can Be Done To Make the Video Look Exclusive?

There could be many creative elements added in the whiteboard video animation to make it look unique. Test the creativity of the animator you are questioning so that you would know that they are charging you with the fair amount.

Question No. 8: How Many Projects Are You Currently Working On?

If the animator is already dealing with so many projects at one time, then it would be best to hire someone else as it is evident that might not invest proper time to provide quality work.

Question No. 9: How Soon Can I Expect My Project to Be Delivered In a Good Quality?

It should be in your knowledge that the animator is capable of providing the project in a reasonable amount of time, and also in a good quality, which might not be possible if the animator is dealing with so many projects on their plate at a time.

Question No. 10: How Much Do You Charge For the Animation Services?
Ask for the quotations before hiring so that there won’t be any trouble in the future.

Question No. 11: What Includes In the Package?

Some animators include scriptwriting, revisions, and animation work in the packages whereas there are few animators that only provide the animated video and ask the clients to arrange the rest of the material for them.

Question No. 12: How Do You Like To Get Paid?

Most of the animators prefer to get half or a small proportion of the fees in advance and the rest of the amount later when the work is done, make sure what method the animator you are interviewing follows.

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