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5 Tips to Help Improve Your Family-Owned Business

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The year 2020 has a lot of people searching for certainty. If you have a small or family-owned business, making sure that people know when your facility is open, what the entry requirements are, and what services you can offer curbside can mean the difference between getting local business and losing out. Getting your name out there as a reminder to the public is critical.

1. Increase Your Digital Footprint

If you don’t have a website, you need to get one started. If you’re not comfortable working on a computer, consider hiring a freelancer or a private contractor for this project. Working it out on your own will be frustrating unless you have a strong interest in the technology. If possible, work side by side with the designer to increase your skillset.

Once your website is up and running, make sure it’s mobile-friendly. As you get the basics of website creation down, consider building your knowledge base by learning how to create an app from scratch. You need an app that is quick and easy to use for the best conversion results.

2. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Once your website and app are up and running, it’s time to take a look at your social media presence. Once your business is up and represented on a social media platform, your best customers actually become part of your marketing team.

You can post your sales and ask for likes and share that will spread your message. One happy client, liking and sharing your business as well as getting their review out in front of their friends is a great way to draw in new business. Even better, if you need to make quick changes about your hours or availability, posting this information on a social media platform such as Facebook can be done from any smartphone.

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3. Increase Community Visibility

A strong online presence will bring your name to the world at large, and boosting your community visibility will cement your place in your community. Make sure that your logo works in color, in white on black and in black on white. Get it digitized so it can be added to tee-shirts, tote bags, and water bottles.

Find fundraisers and charities that speak to your business goals and to your personal values. If you want to fight a particular disease, contribute to the fundraiser in a tangible way to get your name into the community, and host a tent or pavilion space where you can hand out water bottles or another physical item that shares your business name and logo.

4. Offer or Promote Delivery Services

While many are feeling very stuck in their homes, there are folks who like having items and services delivered, so do your best to either hire a delivery person or keep the local drivers hovering. For example, if you sell sandwiches, make sure that the drivers that get your business great reviews for speedy delivery can compete for a cash reward, or see to it that they get a free meal.

Let folks who shop in person see you employees hurrying product out to the cars of pick-up customers. Let these shoppers in on discount coupons that can be linked to their next pickup purchase. Make shopping easy for those who want your products and services, whether that’s

  • in person
  • for pickup, or
  • for delivery

5. Train the Next Generation

The sad truth is that family-owned businesses fail frequently when transitioning to the next generation. Make sure that the business that you started goes to someone who is excited to do the work. If your child has worked their way up through the ranks and really wants to do the work of growing the business, make sure they get the training to get the job done. Additionally, make sure they have a voice in the direction of your business as they take power and you transition out.

There is little in today’s world that is guaranteed. People can do many jobs from several different locations, and your children may not be passionate about taking on the reins of power. Do your best to support them in whatever profession they want, and make sure that your business has the best leadership for the future, whether that’s family-based leadership or not.

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