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Yoga Techniques To Control Your Anger

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Are you someone who throws and breaks objects at the drop of a pin? Anger is a normal human reaction but too much of it only damages your mental and physical health. There have been situations where you might have failed to keep your anger in check for an entire day. Uncontrolled anger only increases the stress levels in your personal and professional life.

Fortunately, yoga has been around for thousands of years owing to its numerous mental and physical health benefits. Right from improving your metabolism to increasing your body’s flexibility; the daily practice of yoga goes a long way in helping you control your anger. All you need to do is find the right yoga for short temper techniques to keep your mind calm amidst a chaotic situation.

Let us find out what yoga techniques you should practice to bring that temper under control.

Yoga Techniques To Control Anger

Given below are six yoga techniques to help you put a lid on that uncontrollable anger.

Ksepana Mudra

The primary goal of Ksepana Mudra is to help you let go of all the pent-up negative energy and toxins from your body.

In this Mudra, you have to bring your palms together with all five fingers touching each other. Keep your index fingers together and bend the other fingers to intertwined them.

Mushthi Mudra

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Mushthi Mudra is an effective Yoga Mudra that helps you release pent-up negative emotions like suppressed anger, frustration, irritation, and other negative emotions.

You have to clench your hands to form a fist. Keep your thumb over the other fingers. Hold this asana for five to ten minutes and relax. It is an excellent yoga for short temper technique you can practice every day without any hassle.

Shaktichalini Mudra

It is an effective Yoga Mudra to help you overcome lethargy, frustration, and anger.

In Shaktichalini, you have to sit in the Vajrasana position and contract and expand the urinary system. You can practice this yoga technique for 15 to 20 minutes daily to bring that uncontrolled temper under control.

However, that is not all yoga does to help you keep your mind calm and bring anger in control. Let us now understand the five yoga asanas you should practice to control your outburst.

Yoga Asanas To Control Anger

The first thing you should do before practicing yoga asanas is to realize you are angry. Only after realizing your anger can you understand its capacity to destroy everything in your life. It is here that specific yoga asanas can help you beat this problem.

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With that said, given below are two yoga asanas to put a lid on that temper.

  1. Corpse Pose

The most relaxing yoga asana that calms down your body and mind. To practice this yoga asana, you have to;

Lie on your back and keep both arms relaxed by your side.

Keep both your palms facing up.

Let your feet open comfortably and bring back your breath to its natural state.

The main thing you have to do in this yoga for short temper asana is focus on the sound of your breathing.

  1. Child’s Pose

A much-preferred yoga asana to help you form a solid mind-body connection and keep in touch with your emotions. This is another yoga pose to calm down your muscles and mind and let you relax.

To do this yoga asana;

You have to kneel on all fours on the yoga mat or floor.

Push back and bring your arms around to the sides of your body.

Rest your head on the ground.

Stretch your shoulders by bringing your arms in front of you.

There is one more effective technique to help you keep a lid over uncontrolled anger.

Yogic Breathing

Nose breathing techniques are a lasting and traditional aspect of yoga. It is an effective anger-coping mechanism you can use anytime and anywhere. The best yogic breathing technique you can utilize is the Three-Part breath.

The Three-Part breath, also known as Complete Breath is the simplest yogic breathing technique you can practice. The daily practice of this technique helps bring your mind a sense of calm and balance.


Anger is a normal human emotion. However, if it goes out of control then it can easily wreck your personal and professional life. You should practice the yoga for short temper techniques mentioned above to put a lid over the uncontrolled rage.

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