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Why You Should Always Buy A Car At The End of The Year

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Buying a car is always a big decision. There are so many things you need to decide. Generally, we think that there are a few decisions like makers, model, mileage, and colors that we can select to have the best buy.

However, the time to purchase the car can make a big impact as well.

There are many perks of purchasing the car at the year-end. If you are not aware of this fact, then you should check the following section of the blog.

Though many other people prefer to buy the car on ‘Dhanteras’ because it is an auspicious occasion to buy metal, when you buy the car at the year-end, you can surely save some bucks.

Why year-end is the perfect time to buy a car?

The year-end is the perfect time to purchase the car to get the best deals and offers. It is also considered as the leaner period in the car market because many people like to purchase care in the new year.

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On the other hand, the car dealers have to meet their yearly target and clear stock as well for the models of new years. For that reason, they offer the best discount at that time of the year.

Apart from the manufacturer discount, they can give you an additional incentive offer to give their sale margin a big push.

Furthermore, from 1st April 2020, the BS6 emission norms have become stricter and as a result, the dealers are more focused on clearing up the BS4 which one cannot sell after the implementation of the laws.

For that reason, they are ready to offer a bigger discount along with some free accessories to the customers before the year ends.

How much you can save?

Depending on the car and the manufacturer; you can get a discount from thousands to lakhs. In India, the year-end time is the time of festivities. From Diwali to Dhanteras; people like to invest in huge to add their collection of belongings.

Different types of benefits like special edition package or free insurance and accessories generally come with the car.

Another reason, for which people consider to visit the Range Rover Showroom in Noida is that the pricing of the car will change in the new year. The car that you can purchase in 10 lakh this year, next year it will become 10.5 lakh.

Though many people consider depreciation of model year and prefer to wait for the next year, the offers and discount may be more than that.

What are the benefits you can get buying the car at the year-end?

At the year-end, the range rover velar dealer announce some excellent discounts and offer to sell maximum car in the calendar year. Moreover, the dealers add their additional discounts along with it. Free insurance is another excellent reduction that they can offer with the car.

If you are good at negotiation, then you can manage a few more accessories like a stereo system or alloy wheels with the deal. In some special cases, the dealers can offer an extended warranty along with the car.

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