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Why should you consider the Uber clone app solution for your ride-hailing business?

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Many companies came up with Uber-like app development ideas after the revolution in the ride-hailing industry. The popularity of Uber is prominent, and it is considered to be the biggest taxi chain in the world. If you are in the ride-hailing business or seeking to enter the industry, you should consider the Uber clone app solution. The two main reasons to go with this solution are cost-efficient and time-saving. Building an app from scratch needs a huge amount of money and it takes more time. But, the clone app solution saves a lot of time for app deployment. 

How does Uber clone work?

Before you go with app development, the first thing you have to know is how it works.

Step 1 – Passengers must choose the pickup and destination location to request a ride. They can book the ride based on the fare and car type.

Step 2 – Once the passenger books a ride, a notification will be sent to a nearby driver with certain passenger details. 

Step 3 – If the driver accepts the request, the app shows the direction to reach the passenger’s pickup location. Meanwhile, the passenger will get notified about the ride confirmation along with information such as vehicle number, estimated time to the pickup location, and driver’s personal details. 

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Step 4 – Upon completion of the ride, the passenger makes a payment using available payment options.

Step 5 – Finally, both the passenger and driver can give feedback based on their experience.

Features available in the Uber clone app

Why should you consider the Uber clone app solution for your ride-hailing business? 1

As already mentioned, the process of the app is simple. However, to make it more convenient, various features can be added according to the business expectations. A list of must-have features is mentioned below.

Passenger app – Registration, Taxi booking, Fare calculator, Ride tracking, Payment, Messaging & calling, Driver rating, and Travel history.

Driver app – Driver profile & status, Trip alert, Push notifications, Navigation, Reports, and Communication.

Admin app – CRM (Customer and Driver Details Management), Booking management, Location and Fares Management, Call System Management, and Payroll Management.

Now, you have an idea of the basic features of the app. Those features are enough for a robust app. Some of the advanced (complex) features are listed below.

Fare calculation

The app shows the fare for the trip to the customers. The fare is calculated based on the following factors like traffic, waiting time, and how much distance covers for a particular ride.

Ride searching

The app with a built-in radius feature is helpful for customers to find suitable drivers quickly. For instance, defining a radius of 10 km helps customers to find drivers within that range. Meanwhile, the drivers in the same range will receive the alert when customers search for a taxi. The app will notify the ride details only when both customers and drivers are in the same range.

Payment process

You can even add an automated payment processing feature along with multiple payment modes. It works like: the payment would be deducted from the customer’s debit/credit card after completing the ride. Likewise, some features can be added to the app based on individual business needs.

In what way the Uber clone app is beneficial for business people or Entrepreneurs

Why should you consider the Uber clone app solution for your ride-hailing business? 2

The source of income of Uber-like app is fees, charges, or commissions. Usually, Uber charges some percentage of money whenever passengers make a payment to the service after a ride. In addition to this, they collect fees from customers for waiting, ride-canceling, and surge charges. It is the business owner’s choice to charge any percentage of money from passengers. The common question is whether the Uber Clone app is a suitable solution for business. There is no doubt that using the clone solution to build your ride-hailing service is both time and money-saving. You do not need to worry about wasting your precious time developing the app from scratch. You can buy a ready-made app clone solution from a mobile app development company.  They help to customize the app with your business requirements. Above all, you can launch your app in a short span. 

To conclude,

Launching a ride-hailing app like Uber is not a challenging task. In recent days, many Entrepreneurs are considering the Uber clone app solution as an alternative for developing an app from scratch. Keeping all the benefits of the clone app solution in mind, a keynote is that additional features can be included as the solution seems to be customizable depending on business needs. In addition to it, the UI can be changed according to your preference. Choose the right mobile app development company who is expertise in launching the app in both Android and iOS platforms. 

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William Markhttps://www.uberlikeapp.com/
William Mark is a Tech Consultant at well established IT company in web and mobile application development services firm.  

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