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Why People Leave your Website Immediately After Opening It – 10 Things to Know

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I’ve seen many website designers complaining about the low traffic on the website and visitors leaving the website immediately. 

It’s not easy to create a beautiful, compelling website targeted to the customer need and search engine preferences. But if you avoid certain negative factors that resist website traffic, you can increase the stay time of your website.

Do you have them on your website?

  1. Slow Load Time

In the digital dark ages of 1996, the website takes almost 30 seconds to load. That is unbearable now! Today, the user waits for three to five seconds hardly and abandon if it doesn’t show up. 

Would you wait for a website that takes more than five seconds to load?

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So, first, you need to figure out the reasons if your website is letting the customers wait. It may be the images with high resolution or too much stuff on the website. Find and work on it.

  1. Video on the Home Page

The home page is the welcoming page on your site. It shouldn’t look like a forced page to retain the visitors on your website. And a video on the header stuffed your home page. Although the video trend is rising, but when customers visit your website, they look for their interest instead of learning about you. You can include the video in the ‘About Us’ page and on the home page, creative text and header always look better.

  1. No White Spaces

From loaded designs and text filled web pages, the web design has now evolved to the ‘Less is More’ concept. You’d see the most liked websites are the one with ‘White Spaces’ and minimal design. White Spaces are the empty spaces on your website, which increases the attention span of the readers and boost the readability. It let users breathe and focus on the essential aspects of the website.

  1. Too Many Ads

You’d have seen some websites that divert your attention with ads popping on the left or top of the website. It pissed off your viewers, especially when the ads are inappropriate since it’s your website so the first thing the viewer should see is something that defines you rather than advertisements. 

  1. Sounds & Animations

I once visited a website and got an obnoxious sound to hear, which drives me crazy. I closed it at first. Customers are coming to you for a purpose and not to listen to music. The background music and unwanted animations drive visitors away and also increase the website loading time.

  1. Poor Headline

The headline is the first thing that comes in attention when customers visit you. 

Read this headline:

We are offering website development in Dubai.

Now read this:

“Looking for website development in Dubai that guarantees to boost your business sales?”

Which one is more impactful?

A compelling headline will give your customers the reason to learn more about you. 

  1. Immediate Call to Action

Imagine a customer landing to your website and getting the registration form right after it. Isn’t it disturbing?

If you’ve read some excellent and professional guides, you’ll always see the CTA at the ending.

So, give your customers some time to learn about you and then later introduce the CTA button. 

  1. Typos 

Would you consider buying a text editor software from a website who have typos and grammatical mistakes?


So, why you’re expecting your customers to stay on your website if the tone is not right.

Customers give no leverage to the typos and poor grammar. Bad typography, miserable content or minor spelling mistakes contribute to the poor user experience. Be immensely careful about this point.

  1. Missing Responsive Design

Customers view not only the websites on the desktop but also the smartphones and tablets. If your website design is going nuts on mobile, then your visitors will shut down your website at first.

So, whenever you launch a website, make sure the design is responsive, Test on different screen sizes to come up confident. If you can’t do it yourself seek professional help from any web design agency.

  1. A boring Design

Some websites are created only to have a website. They have no personality and seems dull. If your site is the same, it’s high time to modify it.

These are small factors which website designers ignore, but they count in a lot to your design to make your website up and running.  

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Inaayat Chaudhryhttps://factsnfigs.com/
Inaayat Chaudhry is an author, digital marketing expert and content developer at Factsnfigs.com. He is also a veteran in the digital field. Shamsul Hoda brings over eight years of experience in content strategy and digital marketing analysis in the tech industry to a variety of blogs and articles including factsnfigs and unrealistictrends.com and meny more blogs.

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