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Why Every Health Care Assistance And Nurse Must Have Manual Handling Training

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The health sector is very vulnerable for the workers as they are working for the life and death of the other people. They have to be very aware of the condition of the patients and make sure that to execute all the procedure safely. Whether the health care assistance or nursing staff; manual handling like pick up, carry, push, pull and many other activities are quite common for them to carry out. During the course, they must know and follow the best practice so that they cannot hurt themselves or the patients. For that reason, it is very important for every worker of the health care industry must undergo Manual Handling Training.

How Manual Handling Training will help the nurse and other assistances?

The Manual handling course that is exclusively designed for the health workers must have all the required factors that will help them in their work field. The nurses and health workers have some specific types of requirements for it. As they are working on the human body, there is no single line tip to follow. Every case comes with its individual challenges. If they follow the wrong method, they will hurt the patients and themselves as well. 

After a complete understanding of the nature of the work and the scope of injuries it has, the Manual Handling Training materials are prepared so that they can make the perfect course for them. They are well aware of the injuries that they may have during their courses of action.

They must be aware of the manual handling safety and risk assessment. The training will show them safe practice for tasks like patient shifting or carrying heavy equipment safely. 

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What are the course materials of the Manual Handling Training?

The complete task of manual handling has been divided into four segments.

  • Initiation: In this stage, the workers have to determine the readiness, inform the patient and coworkers, and review the whole plan.
  • Planning: Then they prepare the patient for the activity by preparing the environment.
  • Implementation: Next they perform the procedure while establishing clear communication with the patients and other coworkers
  • Evaluation: Finally, they have to evaluate the performance and find out ways for betterment. 
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