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Which Sigma Certification Will Be A Good Option For You?

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Six Sigma Certification is an effective and proven methodology to improve the efficiency of a business. Six Sigma experts use statistical and other qualitative tools to improve an organization from almost every aspect. But if you want to go for a Sigma certification, you might find it challenging to choose from a wide range of offerings. Do not worry! We will help you to choose the perfect Six Sigma certification according to your carrier needs. 

What Is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification helps professionals to identify risks, errors, and defects in a business model and remove the anomalies. There are various certifications available but the most popular one is Lean Six Sigma Certification. This certification course is categorized into different ‘colored belts’, depending upon the complexity and knowledge of the subject. 

Different Types Of Lean Six Sigma Certification

There are 5 different Lean Six Sigma Certifications available such as Six Sigma White Belt Certification, Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification. Now let’s see the details of these certification courses-

Six Sigma White Belt Certification

This is the basic and first-level certification. This certification deals with some basic concepts of Six Sigma. It allows the certified professional to engage in error identification and nullify it in comparatively non-complex scenarios.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Six Sigma Yellow Belt professionals are all well aware of the specifications of the Six Sigma method. They have the required knowledge to engage in project work and perform problem-solving tasks.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification provides an all-around overview of Six Sigma and specialization in the DMAIC methods. It will help you to formulate solutions and identify errors inside an organization’s work process. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification helps gather the knowledge to implement a systematic approach to improve the performance of a business by eliminating issues. So attaining Green Belt in Six Sigma certification surely helps to improve skills and perform in specialist roles like Lean manufacturing coordinator, Lean manufacturing specialist, Quality analyst, etc.

Green Belt experts have a thorough understanding of DMAIC phases. We will help out to understand all the methodologies to obtain the certification. Let’s talk about D-M-A-I-C in brief.

What Is DMAIC?

DMAIC is the acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

‘Define’ means identify the issues, identify the opportunities for improvement, satisfy the project goals and meet customer requirements.

‘Measure’ signifies the analysis of the performance of an organization.

‘Analyze’ signifies the method to identify the primary problem of poor performance.

‘Improve’ means eliminating the root cause of trouble and improving the overall performance.

‘Control’ measures the output of the improved system and monitors it to eliminate or detect anomalies immediately.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is to make you a master of the Six Sigma strategies. Black Belt curriculum will make sure to provide you with much deeper knowledge and methodology about Lean and Six Sigma. You will learn to implement more efficient techniques to eliminate errors and become an expert in DMAIC phrases.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Six Sigma certification in Master Black Belt can help you to be the expert for the entire Six Sigma methods and processes. Immense knowledge and proper relevant experience are required to get this Six Sigma certification.

Why You Should Go For A Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma Certification enables your project knowledge skills and enhances the ability to identify the root cause of the problem. Six Sigma Certification shows you the path to eliminate the issues promptly and make an effective business process for future sustainability.

Upon completing the Lean Six Sigma Certification Green Belt you can actively participate in Organizational manufacturing and distribution processes.

You will always be on the brighter side in your organization after acquiring Six Sigma Certification because it is widely used in almost every industry.

Six Sigma Certification can hugely benefit you regarding your promotion and salary hike. A wide range of companies employs Six Sigma certified experts in India as well as abroad. In India, a Six Sigma expert can earn more than 20 lakh per year. This figure is even bigger in the case of European countries.

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