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Which ones will be the most demanded digital jobs in 2021?

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The last year 2020, was very hard for many people. The World went through the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result, many people got sick, lost their loved ones, lost their jobs and went through hard times. Last year, began an economic and sanitary crisis that hit every country in the Earth.

As now a lot of people is working from home, digital professions are the most boosted ones. Because of that, the professions that are being more demanded this 2021 are digital professions.

However, we have good news: after a crisis, employment is created. But if you are going to seek a job, you need to have information to know in which sectors you will have more opportunities. The sectors of marketing and communication are going to demand many people for jobs, because of that, we present you in this article which will be some of the most demanded jobs this 2021 in the sectors of marketing and communication.


Nowadays, the automatization of marketing and big data is key for the creation of employment in the area of marketing. Enterprises are giving a lot of importance to the collection of data and its interpretation. Because of that, the people searched for working in marketing, are experts in the collection and analysis of data, and people with profiles like SEM specialist, social ads specialist or product manager.

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Moreover, the best paid job in the marketing sector is the profile of data or business intelligence manager, whose annual salary is around 56.000 and 76.000 euros. Nowadays, every company in every sector needs to collect data, as data is being used to do more personalised products or sales. You will see that the demand of professionals in data collection and analysis are being demanded in every sector.


In this sector, the most searched position is that of a SEO specialist. Nowadays, SEO is becoming a pillar of digital marketing, and more SEO specialists are being demanded as more businesses are carrying out SEO techniques. The job positions of SEO and SEM specialists are some of the most demanded positions. This people create campaigns to improve the organic positioning in search engines. In order to do so, they use techniques like Google Ads management, the creation of keywords, analysing the online results they get, and studying the algorithms of search engines like Google or Yahoo.

In this sector, jobs like digital analysts are also very important, as now data is being more used in marketing, to do strategies that fit better the public that they are directed to.


In this sector, the most demanded job position is the community manager position. Community managers create content for the brand they work, and they handle all the comments and complaints that the brand gets.

Other profiles that are very demanded in the digital communication sector are the digital communication and brand manager and the content manager.

And now comes the key question: which is the most demanded profession right now?? The most demanded profession now is the digital marketing manager. Digital marketing managers create and execute the marketing plan in a company. The profile of digital marketing manager represents the 63% of the job offers in the sector.

As you can see professions related with data and digitalization are the future. Because of that, our tip for you is that you become familiarised with technology, social media and the latest digital trends, and that way, you will always be suitable for the employment opportunities that come in the future.

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