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What your Poop tells about your Health?

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Discussing about poop and feces can make people feel uneasy, gross and disgusted. They feel uncomfortable in talking about defection as they unintentionally get oblivious with the impacts of unhealthy bowel movements and pooping habits.

Though talking about poop is not a correct fit for a dinner table conversation, it is essential to discuss it with family and health experts, especially when one experiences notable differences. Qualified health experts claim that the human poop is a lot more than just digested food and waste as it can reveal a lot about the health of the human digestive system.

Here are some poop characteristics and what they indicate:     

Poop shape

Poop that passes through the anus smoothly with minimal strain and in a single piece (or fewer pieces) is typically considered as healthy. It is claimed that the poop takes up the long sausage like shape as it passes through the intestine. Excretion of pebble-shaped and separated hard lumps of stool could be a symptom of constipation. However, the condition can be easily treated with the consumption of safe and natural laxatives for constipation like KABZEND. Furthermore, if a person excretes poop with liquid consistency (almost), it could be an indication of inflammation or diarrhea.   

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Poop color

Excretion of medium to dark brown colored poop is a determinant of a healthy gut. If one notice significant changes in the color of the poop, it is advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Black colored poop could be an indication of gastrointestinal bleeding. Substances like iron supplements can also cause black poop.
  • White, grey or pale colored poop could be an indication of issues with the liver or gallbladder.
  • Red colored poop could be an indication of GI bleeding. Small amount of blood can also be a result of hemorrhoids.     
  • Yellow colored poop indicates that the poop contains excess amounts of fats.

Poop color is many a times determined by the foods we consume. Green vegetables like kale, spinach etc. can result in green colored feces.

Poop consistency

Greasy, oily and difficult to flush poop could be an indication that the body is unable to digest fat properly. Furthermore, changes in the stool consistency can also be a result of infections or improper functioning of the pancreas. According to health experts, a healthy poop is typically brown in color and has a soft consistency. Any changes in the shape, color, texture, or consistency of the stools could be an indication of an underlying health problem. Thus, medical experts suggest people to monitor their poop characteristics on regular basis.

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