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What type of dental treatment is given by a dentist for broken teeth?

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How Do Dentists Treat a Broken Tooth?

The broken teeth represent more than you understand. With this condition, it is important to seek timely medical assistance at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana. If you have a broken tooth, then there is no point in ignoring it. Thankfully, the team of skilled and able dentist in Ludhiana will give you the correct treatment for broken teeth. If one of the teeth breaks, then you need to wait for just one day or might be long before you want to consult the dentist.

However, if the teeth break is severe or several teeth have broken, then it is better to go for an emergency visit to the dentist. Visiting the dentist on time will help to improve the visual appearance and your teeth are going to be functional for many years to come.

What treatment approach is best for minor chips?

The case of minor chips is not considered a dental emergency. When you visit a skilled dentist, he will suggest the option of dental bonding to repair it.

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During dental bonding, the placement is done upon layering the sturdy and tooth-hued material which helps to restore the teeth shape. This treatment is completed in a single visit. The bonding material used is the same as the natural teeth as its shade is going to be the same as the adjacent teeth.

With time, this bonding material can wear away and with the time you need to get an eventual replacement. It is going to be the ideal choice for the chip repair solution. Minor chips can be repaired with the option of porcelain veneers which helps in covering the front teeth as compared to the chipped portion.

Helps to repair the significant breaks easily

If the break is large, then a repair might be challenging. If the large chips are not damaged the pulp portion of the teeth or it is not exposed then you will be suggested the option of veneers or crown. For this treatment, you need to visit the dental clinic for 2 appointments. Before the veneer or crown is added the dentist is going to shape the rest of the structure.

The professionals will help you get the permanent restoration option. For time being, the veneer or crown is placed. Once the permanent restoration option is ready then it is going to be on your teeth and you are not going to see the difference as compared to the natural teeth.

Broken teeth treatment: Root canals and crowns

The patient with considerable chip and damaged or exposed tooth pulp needs to visit the dentist on time. If the break is in excess, then it is going to affect the daily work and no doubt, you need to consult the dentist for timely treatment.

If you are getting the dental crown then your dentist will also suggest you get root canal therapy. During the procedure, the exposed pulp tissue or infected teeth will be removed from the inside of the teeth. Along with that inner position is sealed (pulp chamber). It is also important that the thin canals are sealed that goes down to the roots.

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