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What Traveling Can Mean for you and your Wallet?

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Traveling – Some people say that travelling allows us to escape the everyday worries of our lives. The concerns that keep us trapped in a shell of constant anxiety. Through travelling, a person can avoid all of the tensions and be a free spirit.

Now, you would ask me how this is possible. I have a perfectly logical answer.

  • When a person travels, he distances himself from his place of residence, and hence his worries become distant as well.
  • When a person travels, he is in a new place and can indulge in things he was too shy to do in his hometown. A more confident personality shines through that deems the earlier worries too insignificant.
  • When a person travels, he can be anyone and anything he wants to be. You can act as an actor and go through the experience as if it were a film.

So, if travelling can give such an intense benefit, then should it not be an activity for everyone and not just the rich and famous.

Why do the middle class have to save money for ages to go on a once in a lifetime trip?

Why do the underprivileged never get the chance to travel to their dream destinations?

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Why do the poor have to perpetually be stuck in their sad reality and never get the chance to escape?

All of these questions truly made me sad. I, too, am from a middle-class family. The one time my family and I went on a trip to Whales was only because my dad could get a bad credit loan from a direct lender

So, I made it my life’s mission to find out the best ways to travel on a budget, and I did manage to do so. Here is the list of expenses that could be the most catastrophic to the traveler’s pocket. But through a little prudency can be easily adjusted to your favor.

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Despite you trying to budget everything, some spending are inevitable, and you would have to save some money aside for them individually.


The first major expense when travelling, especially outside the country, is that of the flight ticket. Depending on your destination, the cost can dig a hole in your wallet from 100 to 1000 pounds for a one-person single side. A round trip could be double. Around summers and Christmas, the flights are even more expensive.


International travels often require a travel visa. The process of acquiring a visa is not tedious, frustrating, and pretty lengthy, but all quite expensive. You have to bear it because there is no way you would cross the airport without the stamp of approval from the country’s embassy.[Traveling]


Apart from the expenses mentioned above, you can try to save yourself more than a few pounds on your travels.


The first frugal thing you can do is to decide on a country that is cheaper than your own in terms of currency and everyday essentials. This way you can save a lot of money. 

  • Asian countries like Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka.
  • And South American nations of Chile, Uruguay, and even Brazil.
  • Cuba and Mexico are also great options when travelling on a budget.

There are a lot of ways to save on your actual stay. You need not spend hundreds of pounds on a 5-star hotel when a two-star hotel can provide you with the same comfortable bed at a far lower price. [Traveling]

There are even places where you can share a flat or a house with other travelers to save money. Dormitories and hostels are another option. Since when you travel to a new place, most of your day is spent outdoors, so spending excessive amounts on a hotel where you would only sleep is unwise usage of funds.

  • FOOD

The next way is that of food. There are two kinds of travelers when it comes to their eating patterns.

  • One is the kind who tests out all the expensive Michelin star restaurants and have a bill worth £200 for a meal that wasn’t even tasty.
  • The other kind is the one who tries out the real food of the place they are in, and that is the street food. When you eat hotdog from a street vendor, and the sauces drip down the side of your lips, you feel like you are in heaven. Plus, it only cost about £5.

The category you fall in will decide the total cost of your travels.


When you travel, sightseeing is a significant part of it. For that, you need to commute a lot. Taking an Uber every time is foolish. 

Walking, renting a bike, and even taking the tube’s equivalent in the city you are is a far better decision budget-wise.

These four ways can help you to avoid taking cheap short-term loans to get to your travel destination and make lasting memories that do not have debt looming over them.


If you ask people what fondest memories are, the majority will quote a trip to be on the top of that list. Even for me, the best time of my life was my honeymoon. I enjoyed it more than my wedding.

So, it suffices to say each one of us needs to make those memories. However, you do not need to wait too long for the same. Try managing your expenses, cut as much as possible, and you can make a trip more times than just once every two years.

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