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What Services Do Medical Waste Management Companies Offer?

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Medical waste is a problem area in many industries. When a business hasn’t had to deal with a medical waste company before, it can be confusing about what they do for their customers. In this article, we aim to provide answers about what services these businesses offer. 

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Sharps Containers and Collection

Sharps, i.e., needles, syringes, and more, are one of the riskiest of medical supplies. Once used, they need to be stored safely before collection. Putting them into red medical waste bags is not a good idea because it risks their cutting through the bag, and injuring someone, plus other waste may spill out of the bag and onto the floor too. 

What medical waste management companies offer is reusable sharps containers that can be opened and closed, with the needles stored inside. They can then be carried out by the waste collection company, safely emptied, disinfected, and be ready for reuse. 

Biohazard Medical Waste Collection

Biohazard medical waste is a type that has the risk of infecting a human being. That could be a medical worker, a patient, or someone else who comes into contact with it. This type of potentially infectious waste includes items like a blood-stained bandage, gauze, or disposable use-once medical supplies. 

Hazardous Waste Collection

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Hazardous waste is a type that, while it doesn’t always include a risk to health from potential infection, could cause injuries like cuts or other harm. Chemicals, contaminated medication, and sharp objects tend to fall under this category. There’s also some potential overlap between hazardous waste and biohazard waste, like with scalpels that may have come into contact with a patient. 

Radioactive Waste Collection

Radioactive waste is created when radiation treatment with radiative isotopes is used in a medical setting. Some treatments include nuclear elements. Cancer treatments can also generate radioactive waste. To reduce potential accidental radiation exposure, this type of waste must be collected and destroyed carefully. 

Additionally, some companies may also collect regular waste that’s produced in a medical setting. This is useful because it can occasionally accidentally include medical supplies and other items that should have been categorized differently for disposal. 

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