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What precautions should one take after undergoing hernia surgery?

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Hernia is referred to as a physical condition in which a specific organ is pushed through an opening in any membrane, tissue or muscle inside the body. According to medical experts, hernia can occur in the abdominal area, chest, hips, upper thighs or groin area, and result in bulge formation.

Though it is not a life-threatening situation, many people may require a hernia surgery for restoring their health. Thus, people are always suggested to seek medical help from the best hernia surgeons in India at the earliest.

Medical experts can operate hernia with various medical techniques including a laparoscopic hernia surgery. However, it’s the post-operative care of the patient that determines the pace of the recovery. According to the best laparoscopic surgeons in India, post-operative hernia care is a significantly critical aspect as it can minimize the risk of potential complications.

Here are some of the precautionary measures that patients should take after undergoing hernia surgery:       

  • Increase fluid intake

People who undergo a hernia surgery are always recommended to increase their intake of fluids in order to avoid dehydration and constipation. Medical experts claim that inappropriate consumption of fluids can hamper the bowel movement and make the stool dry and hard. On the other hand, increased fluid intake can make it soft and hydrated. This makes defecation easy and helps the patients to avoid a discomforting experience post-surgery.     

  • Say “No” to smoking
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Smoking is one of the major reasons that causes dehydration. Thus, people should strictly say no to cigarettes or any type of nicotine. Nicotine consumption is known to affect the digestion process which often leads to constipation. Furthermore, smoking can also increase the risk of post-surgical complications. It can lead to infections in the surgical incisions and cause acid-reflux.       

  • Exercise regularly

Exercising and physical activity encourages weight loss and keeps the bowel movement healthy. However, people should avoid getting themselves into strenuous workout sessions as it can damage the surgical incision. Nevertheless, they can start with light physical activities like walking and other exercises focused on the legs, arms and shoulder muscles (under the guidance of a therapist). Moreover, people can also start working on the abdominal muscles, but only if their body allows.         

  • Increase consumption of fibre

Fibre is the most effective nutrient that stimulates bowel movement. However, people are suggested to increase their fibre intake slowly and gradually post hernia surgery. As per medical experts, a sudden surge in the fibre intake can result in gas, stomach bloating and abdominal pain. This further increases the risk of various complications, especially in the case of abdominal hernia. According to the top laparoscopic surgeons, as the hernia surgery involves pushing of the intestines back inside the abdominal wall, a fibre-rich diet can help prevent constipation and abdominal discomfort.  

  • Keep the wound clean

Cleanliness largely determines the pace of recovery after hernia surgery and helps in avoiding potential infections. Thus, people are advised to strictly follow the guidelines and instructions of the surgeon for keeping their incision wound clean and sterilized. Lastly, people are advised to resume their normal activities only after full recovery. Medical experts claim that daily activities can put strain on the incision that can further lead to various complications.

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