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What is User Experience Testing?

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User testing is popularly known as UX, is the how a human respond to his first interaction with the product he is using. If the user is satisfied with the product, he would pretty much want to use it again but if he is not happy with product’s results, he would not want to use it ever. 

In the case of a mobile or web product, user experience can be defined as how friendly or approachable your application or software’s interface is to its consumers while using it. This is why User Experience Testing is necessary to conduct, before releasing or launching any new mobile or website application, which can be either Manual or Automated Software Testing

What is User Experience Testing?

It can be understood as a process or method to understand and study, the results that are achieved by the product user and to check whether the application is behaving and performing the way it was designed to do. It is a major step in application testing because it brings into notice any glitches or loopholes that might be present in your software which can possibly affect its responsiveness and performance. It’s not necessary that there would be only the flaws in your product, the results can be favorable also.

All the problems related to app interface or working are then reported and then forwarded to the technical software testing team for getting fixed. The developers or testers must have the exact step by step information of what the users did, that resulted in those undesired flaws and app response. Automated UI Testing or User Experience is also essential because it helps to create an awareness and generate publicity by personal reviews and product feedbacks. These UX and UI Testers can be anyone, from paid bloggers to company employees, from random online surveys to a bunch of specially invited group of people.

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