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What is the correct way to measure for the new roller shutter garage?

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How to correctly measure for a new roller shutter garage?

Are you planning to install a new roller shutter for the garage? But have you ever wondered that you need to ensure that measurement is taken correctly? Roller garage doors are in increased demand in the market. From the correct measurement to the roller shutter repair in London will be done correctly when you take assistance from the professionals. There are 2 types of roller garage doors:

  • Insulated roller garage door
  • Non-insulated roller garage door

What are the properties of the insulated roller shutter?

  • The roller shutters are made of fully finished aluminum which is foam filled.
  • Offers acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • These shutters are fully automated.
  • The headroom is less as compared to the non-insulated door. This is the reason it can be fitted between the pillars if the headroom is there.
  • The neat full housing covers the roller assembly completely to give a neat finish internally and externally.

What are the properties of the non-insulated roller garage door?

  • Draaf proof but these are not insulated.
  • In width, you can get them up to 5 meters and the height goes up to 5 meters
  • Plastisol coated continuous steel curtain
  • The headroom needs to be 420 mm to accommodate the roll when the roller shutter is opened.

How to measure the roller shutter?

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Some of the essential points which help you to measure the roller shutter which is non-insulated.

  • If the door is tall then more headspace is required so that it can accommodate the roll.
  • If the headroom space is less then the roller needs to be fitted in the lower area, however, it is going to limit the height space.
  • The roller curve will be evident when it is seen from the front when the door is shut

Apart from this, you should check the roller doors with automatic functioning. Make sure that you keep in mind the following things:

  • Single doors

If there is a single door then the opening is 11’ wide and 2’’ wider compared to the opening.

  • Double doors

Double doors are more than 11’’ wide as compared to the opening.

When the professionals are on the site they ensure that everything is done in the right manner.

Hire the professionals

It might seem confusing in the first place what to do. When the measurements are correct, it helps the roller shutter to be fixed in the right dimension and they will operate smoothly. If you have any specific requirements then make sure to tell the professionals. This way the roller shutters are installed with perfection and your investment will be worth it for a long time.

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