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What is prostate cancer and what are factors that develop this cancer?

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Urologist in Ludhiana has defined prostate cancer, a stage in which cell-growth in the prostate gland goes out to be disorder. Prostate gland is one of many organs of male reproductive system. It helps in  making the fluid that is considered as one of the integrals of semen.

Let us get to know some of the inter-related parts of male reproductive system:

-The Prostate and Seminal vesicles

The basic difference between a prostate and seminal vesicle is that a prostate produces some amount of liquid that is the part of semen but seminal vesicles make most of the liquid that is the part of semen.

-The bladder and urethra

A bladder is a part where urine is stored. A urethra is a tube, whose main function is to let out the urine and semen through penis.

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Disparity (Difference) in size

Size of the bladder may vary depending upon the age groups. It is of much smaller size among younger men but if we talk about comparison with older men, it is of comparatively bigger size.


What are the different types of prostate cancer?

All prostate cancers have almost all the features of adenocarcinomas. Growth of the prostate cancer cells is carried out by the prostate gland cells.Other types of cancer that can start in the prostate include:

-Small cell and Neuroendocrine carcinomas
-Transitional cell carcinomas and Sarcomas

As we have discussed types of prostate cancer but these types are quite rare. Growth of some prostate cancers are quick and they even spread quickly.Diagnosis of prostate cancer is very necessary because in many cases prostate cancers are not  diagnosed but they do become the reason of death.

Risk Factors

Let us take into consideration some of the important factors that are deemed risky and they contribute in bringing about cancer cells.


The most common factor of developing prostate cancer is age. The more you are aged, more are the chances of prostate cancer cells flourishment.This type of cancer can be scarcely found in men who are below 40 but men older than 60 are at high risk to develop this cancer.


Prostate cancer can be arrived at through genes too. Even if your father or brother has a history of prostate cancer, the probability ratio increases for you to have this malignancy.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle includes:

-Consumption of alcohol on daily basis
-Intake of Junk food on regular basis

If an individual has been diagnosed with the tumour in prostate gland but he is still not modifying his daily lifestyle then he may surely encounter the last stage at earliest.

Bottom Line:
Cancer of any type can be fatal. There are numerous kinds of cancer that are common among males and females but prostate cancer is the one which is found only in males. Prostate cancer is nothing more than an outcome of your unhealthy lifestyle of consuming a lot of junk and getting addicted to smoking.

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