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What is Periodontitis and how to carry out proper oral care for healthy gums?

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Periodontitis is a severe gum contamination that tears down the soft tissue. And if not treated earlier, it is sure to knock down the bone that supports your teeth. Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

Periodontitis is common among people but it is surely preventable. Dentist in Ludhiana consider poor oral hygiene as the primary cause of periodontitis. Dental experts at Dental Clinic in Ludhiana suggests necessary to-do things to avoid this filthy problem of periodontitis:

-Brushing at least twice a day

-Flossing daily

-Getting regular dental checkups

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  • How is Periodontitis diagnosed?

To ascertain if you have periodontitis and how acute and drastic it is, your dentist may:

-Assessment of your medical history

The patient’s medical history is assessed to pick out any factors that may be a constituent of periodontitis, review of medical history is done to check out the probable symptoms, such as :



-Taking certain medications that bring about dry mouth

-Inspection of mouth

-The patient’s mouth is examined to check:


-If there is some sort of plaque and tartar buildup

-Check if there is any room for easy bleeding.

-Measurement of pocket depth

Pocket depth of the canal linking gums and teeth is measured by laying down a dental probe next to your teeth and below your gum line. The pocket depth is considered ideal if it is between 1 and 3 millimeters (mm)in case of a healthy mouth. If Pockets are gaping more than 4 mm, then that is surely indicating periodontitis. If Pockets are having gaps of more than 5 mm then they can not be cleaned in a good way.

-Consideration of dental X-rays

To detect whether there is any bone loss in the areas where the dentists made out a deep pocket.


  • Treatment


The affliction of periodontitis is cured by a periodontist (A person who is specialized in treating gum problems). Periodontitis is known as a dental hygienist. The periodontitis cleans the pockets surrounding teeth and wards off any injury to the surrounding bone. One can get the treatment done in the best possible way if one follows the following:


– maintenance of proper oral hygiene

-Stop consuming tobacco

-Avoid Smoking

Nonsurgical treatments

If periodontitis is not at its ultra stage, the procedures will be less-interfering.


Scaling helps in the removal of




It is carried out using instruments:

– Laser

-Ultrasonic device.

-Root planning

Root planing helps to avoid an additional buildup of tartar and bacteria. Along with that Root, planning helps in

-Removal of bacteria leads to inflammation

-Cures delay healing

-Detains recombination of the gum with tooth surfaces.

-Oral Medications

Consumption of oral antibiotics is one of the methods to control bacterial infection. Contemporary antibiotics include

-Medicinal mouth rinses

-Filling space between your teeth and gums with antibiotics in the gel.


Final Thoughts

Periodontitis is a self-invited ailment because it can never be encountered if one maintains proper oral care that includes brushing teeth for a required period of time and rinsing your mouth each time after taking a meal.

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