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What is CRI? Why is it important in industrial LED lighting applications?

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Industries as well as commercial spaces like manufacturing plants, warehouses, and shipyards require high-grade industrial lighting solutions that can fulfil their complex and high illumination demands. These lighting solutions are required to illuminate the space uniformly and boast a robust and strong built that can make them appropriate for use in vulnerable environment. Moreover, they are also required to achieve high CRI levels in order to ensure safe and smooth conduct of operations.

What is Colour Rendering Index (CRI)?

Colour Rendering Index, also known as CRI, measures the quality and accuracy of an artificial light source in rendering colours. In technical terms, it is the quantitative measure of the ability of an artificial light source to reveal the colours of a variety of objects faithfully in comparison to the natural light source (sunlight). It is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the best CRI achieved by the sun.

As per the leading industrial lighting manufacturers, higher CRI levels mean better colour rendering. Currently, LED lighting solutions are the only lighting solutions that get near to the CRI levels achieved by the sun. For instance, most of the LED luminaires achieve a high CRI of 80 to 90 which makes them highly suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Importance of right CRI with industrial LED lighting applications

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An LED luminaire’s colour rendering index (CRI) provides an idea to the consumer as to how accurately the luminaire will exhibit colours and details in a product. This becomes of extreme significance in facilities like food and beverage manufacturing where products are examined and inspected on the basis of their colours and textures. Similarly, CRI becomes extremely important in warehouse operations, shipping yards, and factories where goods and products are generally categorized on the basis of colour markings. Since right colour rendering index (CRI) ensures appropriate colour replication, it can greatly help in reducing the chances of mistakes during operations. Therefore, it is important that you decide on the right LED lights for industrial use. For instance, you can decide on industrial lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting. Apart from ensuring accurate rendering of colours, its lighting solutions intend to promote the safety and wellness of the employees. Moreover, they also help in increasing cost and energy efficiency, surging worker productivity, and building positivity for developing a better working environment.

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