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What is Agile Testing and Quality Management.

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Software Testing and Quality Management is the back bone of any application (mobile or website based) or Software. Testing a Software is not a phase, it is a whole process where everyone right from the application developer to tester and end user is involved from the very beginning of the project.

 In Agile Testing, Software Testing and Software Development for any product runs simultaneously. Continuous coordination between the Software developers and Quality Assurance testers and a positive interaction with the customers, stakeholders and the managers is required in Agile testing.

Agile means a faster and quicker approach. So, in Agile testing, the bugs, defects or other errors in the product are identified at a faster pace and the feedback is used for better development of the project. Software Testing is a process that is based on the principles of Agile Software Development.

Importance of Agile Testing

  • The Tester works in close coordination with the Developer, hence not just the defects ate identified but the improvement needed is also taken care of.
  • Agile testing is a quicker practice and yields faster results.
  • The process of Agile testing includes both, the Automated Software Testing as well as the Manual Software Testing, therefore the results are more accurate.
  • Constant feedback from the clients helps the testers and the developers in delivering the product in comparative short time.
  • Parallel process of Testing and Development reduces the Documentation time.
  • Agile Testing effectively reduces the response time of the client feedback.
  • Bugs, defects, loopholes and any other errors in the product are identified faster.

An experienced Application and Software Testing company provides effective User Testing services to help your product interact better with the customers while maintaining the overall quality of the product.

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