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What Do Experts Think About UV Sanitizers?

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With the surcharge in the covid infections worldwide, the healthcare professionals and experts are anxious about the future. Till now, over three million people have succumbed to the clutches of this virus, and many more are infected. In such a situation, doctors and other experts try to minimize the spread by promoting social distancing, using hand washes, wearing masks, and hand sanitizers. 

Now, over time, several improvements have been made in the mask designs and the hand washes. Recently, the buzz around UV hand sanitizers is intriguing people all across the world. However, the concept of portable UV light hand sanitizers is still in its nascent stage, because of which not many of us are aware of this discovery. 

That’s why today, in this article, we will focus on the relevant facts about the new hand sanitizer, as explained by the global experts. 

How are the UV sanitizers made?

UV radiations are usually present in the sunlight coming towards the earth. Over the years, scientists have discovered ways of artificially making UV lights in the laboratory. Since then, the EM waves having frequencies within the ultraviolet spectrum have been used for many purposes, especially in medical purposes. 

UV radiations are of three types, out of which only UV-C radiation group is used in the manufacturing of the portable UV light hand sanitizers. Even though the sanitizers are produced in large quantities by several top-notch labs worldwide, several restrictions are maintained since the excess amount of the radiation might cause adverse effects. 

Do the sanitizers work?

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After the outbreak of covid, several laboratories have tested the effectiveness of the UV radiations for the destruction of the virus, causing the infection. Since UV light has shown a positive response towards killing the previous varieties of the Covid virus, The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine thinks that the radiation should be useful in killing the Covid-19 virus. 

No claims have been made yet about the hundred percent efficiency of the UV sanitizer. Studies are going on worldwide, and experts are trying to set some ground rules for the use of the sanitizer. 

According to an expert in CHEO Research Institute in Ontario, it is believed that the amount required to kill the virus can’t be incorporated in the hand sanitizers. Another expert has even raised the price concern since the UV sanitizers will be quite costly, which might be a problem in the financial drawback countries. 

How can one use UV sanitizers?

For using the IV sanitizers, one has to follow the guidelines properly. For instance, while cleaning a surface, one needs to ensure that all the openings are exposed to the light for the perfect cleaning. The real way of using the sanitizer is yet to be established. 

If the UV lights can kill the covid-19 virus, the infection’s spread can be significantly controlled. But several constraints need to be mitigated before the hand sanitizer is allowed to be sold at the market.

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