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What can be the potential reasons for weight gain after bariatric surgery?

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A weight loss surgery is one of the most effective ways of addressing obesity and getting rid of excess fat from the body. According to the best bariatric surgeons in Delhi, obesity affects almost all the vital body organs and can potentially result in several complications related to one’s cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal health.

In such a scenario, procedures like gastric bypass surgery can help patients to shed nearly 60-70% of their excess body weight as they encourage people to live a healthy life and ease the complications related to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, etc.

A bariatric surgery physically limits the amount of food a person’s stomach can hold, which eventually limits the amount of calories consumed per meal. However, a weight loss surgery is just the initial step that commences an individual’s weight loss journey. According to the top bariatric surgeons in India, the surgery is only effective if the person adopts a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

Thus, it becomes necessary for patients to change their food behavior and avoid unfavorable routines. In many cases, patients experience weight gain after the surgery as they fail to follow a healthy day-to-day lifestyle. Here are some potential reasons that may lead to weight gain after bariatric surgery:

  • Lack of support

Losing weight is a matter of dedication, hard work, consistency, and most importantly support. According to the best weight loss surgeons, the support of family members, partners, friends, etc. plays a vital role in an individual’s weight loss journey. A lack of this support can easily attract a person towards undesirable habits which may increase his/her chances of gaining the lost weight back.   

  • Lack of physical activity
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Regular physical activity is extremely important for weight management and a healthy body. According to the top obesity surgeons in Delhi, patients are always required to follow an exercising routine after they undergo a surgery. However, factors like physical limitations, time constraints and lack of motivation can worsen their struggle.  

  • Prevalence of emotional eating

Emotional eating is one of the most underestimated eating disorders that has become prevalent among the young population in recent times. According to health experts, a large number of people struggle with this disorder as they try to find emotional comfort in food. They believe that eating food fills their emotional void and eliminates negativity. This can emerge as a real weight gain concern after bariatric surgery.  

  • Improper knowledge about nutrition

Many people undergo a weight loss surgery without having proper knowledge about what to eat and what not-to-eat after the surgery. Thus, it is of utmost importance to consult only the best bariatric surgeons in India who can conduct counselling sessions for the patients both before and after the surgery.   

  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse are some of the biggest nemesis of weight loss. In many cases, they are regarded as the primary reasons for obesity and overweight conditions. After a weight loss surgery, many patients continue with alcohol consumption and experience weight gain. Bariatric surgery is beneficial only if a person acknowledges a healthy lifestyle and implements proper dietary changes. Thus, it is extremely important for patients to follow a healthy daily lifestyle and completely avoid circumstances that may lead to weight gain post-surgery.

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