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What Are The Top Reasons To Include Orthopedic Cushion?

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Back pain is one of the common problems these days due to the bad seating posture. At a certain point in our life, we experience back pain. Along with the bad posture, there could be various other reasons that can lead to severe pack pain. Fortunately, you can reverse this situation and make it bearable. You can implement various techniques to get instant relief from back pain. If your back pain is not bearable, you should immediately consult a good doctor, Chiropractor, therapist for diagnosing the root cause of the problem. The doctor will help you in doing the treatment and prescribe some medicine top reverse this condition. You can use hot and cold therapy to enjoy instant relief from severe back pain. There is one more good way to get relief from the back pain. The orthopedic cushion will also help in reducing your back pain and also help in improving your posture. The orthopedic cushion will help you to take the weight off and let you get sound sleep during the night.

But, before using any technique for getting relief from the back pain, you should implement the right technique and take advice from the doctor. Therapists of the doctor will first assess your situation and help you in choosing the right products. If your therapist suggests you use the orthopedic cushion, you should read the following points and make the right decision.

  • Coccyx Cushions & Wedges

The coccyx cushion and wedges are designed in a unique way so that they can provide a good level of comfort. These cushions provide you a high level of comfort from the sore or bruised coccyx. In the coccyx cushion and wedge, the ‘hose-shoe’ cut out area will help in reducing the pressure on the coccyx. This region will help you to sit straight on the chair and help you to improve your sitting posture. Ultimately, it provides good relief from back pain. You can use this type of cushion in any seat and any place. You can use this cushion at your home and office as well. You can easily carry this cushion because it is lightweight. Also, the wedge cushions are comprised of the handle that lets you carry these cushions easily. 

  • Large Coccyx Cushion

The large size coccyx cushions are specifically designed to provide some relief from the discomfort. These are just like the small coccyx cushion, but the only difference is size. Due to large size and large width, these large size coccyx cushions are good for the placement in the car seats. You can easily carry the large size coccyx cushion because they are lightweight. Though they are large in size, they are made up of lightweight material.

  • Pelvic Cushions

The pelvic cushion provides support to the user’s spine. The pelvic cushions help to keep your spine in a balanced position while you are seated. If you use the pelvic cushion, your hips and portion above your knees will be in a relaxed position. It will help in reducing the stress at the lower spine and also help you to stay in a relaxed position. The pelvic cushion is used for different types of seats at your home, workplace, or your car seat.

  • Lumbar Back Cushions
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The lumbar back cushions are small in size and precisely designed to provide support to your back and spine. These cushions will help to keep your spine in its natural shape. It is recommended that you should use the lumbar back cushion while traveling. This cushion helps in providing relief from neck and back pain due to bad posture. In the lumbar back cushion, the elastic strap is included so that this cushion fit inside the different kinds of chair and car seat as well.  You can also purchase the center console cushion to provide instant relief from back pain. 

  • Ring & Ulcer Cushions

Ring cushions are available in different types and styles. The ring cushions are ideal for use when you will sit on the chairs, flat surface, or wheelchairs. The ring and ulcer cushions are perfect for providing ultimate comfort. The ring cushions are good in providing relief from postnatal discomfort, hemorrhoids, bruised coccyx, fractured coccyx, general pain in the anal region, post-operative pain, and various other painful conditions. These types of cushions are specifically designed for people who are suffering from severe back pain.

  • Sitting & Wheelchair Cushions

The sitting and wheelchair cushions are also available in a wide range. No matter what kind of sitting and wheelchair cushion you will use, each of them is designed to provide good comfort. It is recommended that you should choose the right kind of material, size, and design. The sitting cushions are also available in different designs such as round and rectangular.  

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