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What Are The Tests Done Before IVF Procedure?

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If IVF therapy is required to get pregnant, you need a fertility center to conduct some tests and find out how best and handle IVF (IVF?ICSI?ZIFT? donor eggs)? What is the chance to achieve success?

Before starting IVF care, several clinics regularly order a large battery of tests. They are using an unmindful checklist-which can drain some blood-and money! Many of these assessments are useless because the knowledge is of no value. This seems to be the rule, however, especially in large IVF centers (running as mills and employing a large number of doctor’s staff) and in the United States, where testing is often carried out for non-medical reasons. You can opt ivf treatment in hyderabad.

The wife needs more research. 

1. On day three of the cycle, blood tests are conducted on following reproductive hormones: FSH, LH, (luteinizing hormone), Prolactin (PRL) and Thyshormone (TSH), respectively. That must be performed in a trustworthy laboratory. If the measurements are regular, then you can adopt the standard superovulation scheme. If a question arises, however, this must be corrected.

a. Therapy with bromocriptine or cabergoline b will correct a high level of prolactin. Medication c can be used to treat the elevated level of thyroid. PCOD is indicated by an irregular ratio of LH: FSH. Metformin may have to correct this before IVF is released. Superovulation must also be milder d. A high level of FSH or a high level of FSH: LH shows low ovarian reserve. That means the reaction to superovulation can be weak and the success rate can be that. Poor ovarian reserve More tests, such as a clomid challenge test may be needed; AMH tests and an antral follicle counts (anti-mullerian hormone levels). Options may include attempting to enhance the empirical treatment of ovary reserves and using more attacking IVF superovulation.

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2. On the 8th day (to ensure the uterine cavity is intact and the fallopian tubes are open) the HSG (hysterosalpingogram, uterine X-ray and tubes) can be painful and this is not always necessary prior to IVF. However, this is a good way to record that the uterine cavity is anatomically correct (particularly in few cities with inadequate medical care). The uterine cavities are not always required. Vaginal ultrasound screening is part of HSG alternatives, but this should be high quality.

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3. The following should be tested for a vaginal ultrasound examination, Day 10 or 11.

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a. Pressure b of the ovary. The follicle of the antral count c. Morphology of the womb d. Since the perception of ultrasound is so subjective, this in a good quality center is critical. The better centers are fitted with digital ultrasound machines, so that you can save them as a jpeg file on a DVD or flash drive. 

When an abnormality occurs, new techniques of ultrasound such as 3D vaginal ultrasound will provide additional information. If a polyp occurs, the hysteroscope is required to extract it. Intramural fibroids (in the wall of the uterus), which don’t affect embryo implantation, do not need to be removed until IVF. It is essential to extract submucous fibroids (that are present in the uterine cavity). The practical hysteroscopy is ideally suited for extracting these. 

All your medical records will still be copied.

Welcome to other tests? Infectious diseases such as HIV, Hep B and VDRL are also screened for all hospitals. If a question occurs in the study, it can be addressed before IVF begins! 

Many hospitals must carry out even larger examinations. These include specialized tests such as immune tests, TB testing (including TB blood testing and endometrial biopsy PCR), uterine cavity monitoring daily hysteroscopy and TORCH testing.

Many of the patient doctors order so many tests and are very impressed. You know that these doctors are detailed and very patient! The reality is, however, that most of these assessments are pointless and waste time and resources. Only ask your doctor a simple question . How was my IVF therapy affected by the results of this test? Remember, if there’s no point in testing if the result of the test won’t change your treatment!. You can opt ivf procedure in chennai.

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