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What Are The Responsibilities Of A CareTaker Towards Elders?

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If you take a country like India into consideration, elder care services are still on the rise and we wouldn’t say that it has settled like a big business yet. Most of the cities in India, there are still parents who are either in elder care homes where they aren’t taken care of how they should or are living in their homes with their children who look after them. But there are some cities that are developed enough to incorporate services like these, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore etc., just to name a few.

If you are looking for best home care services in Hyderbad, you need to understand the responsibilities of a caretaker that you are going to book. CareTaker for elderly in Hyderabad are easy to find but if you already know the responsibilities of the person you are going to hire, then it becomes pretty easy to understand what to expect and where to invest. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A CareTaker Towards Elders? 1

Let’s look at the important responsibilities that are a must:

#1 Personal Assistance

This might be one of the most important responsibilities for a caretaker to have. It’s important to help the elders with their daily personal support that includes helping them with taking a bath or helping them get dressed or with cooking. Going to the toilet requires the elder to move, which at that age becomes hard for most of the people. So helping them move for these short activities but necessary ones, a caretaker should always be ready.

#2 Cooking Services

Lets clear one things, cooking services doenst always mean just cooking the meals for the elderly. It sometimes includes getting the food supplies for the house or help the elders travel to the grocery shop to buy these items with them. Then ask them how they want it to be made and the quantity as well. Once the meal is cooked, feed them and help them clean the dishes. Remember to keep the kitchen clean at all times as most of the health issues come from the food you eat.

#3 Health Care

Taking care of elders by helping them in activities is one thing but keeping them healthy is completely another. The caretaker will have to keep the elder’s health in check all the time and look after timely medications or any need to visit the doctor for regular checkups etc. Not just this, senior start losing their memories as well, so it’s their responsibility to take care of all the healthcare needs of the elders they are with.

#4 Travel Help

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Elders need to experience some of the daily things as well, like going shopping or going to a mall etc. A caretaker will be required to help them with mobility for all these needs. Sometimes they just want to go out, just to feel the fresh air, and the caretaker needs to be ready for these responsibilities at any time elder requests.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A CareTaker Towards Elders? 2

#5 Organisation

The caretaker should understand that even though the elders have grown old, the elders need to the things they loved doing earlier. Things like organising or decorating their homes like they used to do. A caretaker needs to help the seniors in organising the house the way they want it to and keep patience as sometimes it can become repetitive, just keep in mind their priority needs to be ahead of yours. Cleaning the house and the furniture every day is also necessary to maintain hygiene.


Just remember these responsibilities when you go look for a caretaker for your elders as without them it’s impossible for the elders to stay happy, don’t compromise when it comes to these points.

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