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What are the questions that pregnant women want precise answers for?

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It is a matter of immense happiness when a woman encounters double strips in the testing kit because a woman might have followed a long path to reach here and it is very likely that the role of fertility experts of IVF centre in Punjab have played a significant role in that. Because of the increasing rate of female infertility, reliance on IVF experts has increased over a period of time. Having reached the stage of fertilization is not the end, a female must take into consideration the necessary and required precautions

Let us get familiar with all those questions that may strike in the mind of a pregnant woman.

  • When should a female leave her fertility practice after getting pregnant?

It is a common question that may be encountered in the mind of every female who has tested positive for pregnancy that when can she leave her fertility practice. A female is let go to the Obstetrician or Midwife between a period of seven and ten weeks.

  • What is examined in infertility practice?

-Twice examination of Blood (HCG) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Levels

-Examination of gestational sac through ultrasound.

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After a woman has gone through all the examination tests then she is allowed to consult a gynecologist of her choice.

  • When should a female consult a gynecologist for the first time?

Whenever a female encounters double strips on the pregnancy test kit, it is high time for her to get an ultrasound done. If after having an ultrasound done, a female is confirmed to be pregnant then she should book a consultation with an obstetrician or a gynecologist.

  • When does a woman refer to a high-risk doctor?

A female who has undergone fertility treatment need not necessarily be referred to a high-risk doctor. It is accepted that to reach this stage one has gone through a lot but this fact must be taken into consideration that reaching this stage was merely difficult but experiencing the prenatal period is a pleasant one.

A female is referred to as a high-risk doctor in the following cases:

-If the woman has gone through frequent miscarriages.

-If she is experiencing bleeding.

  • What differences will one experience while paying a visit to an OB?

When a woman is not at risk and she is conceiving a healthy baby then the time table of her visit may become as follow:

-Visit once in a month until 28 weeks gestation

-Visit once every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks gestation

-Visit every week until the woman delivers

Final Thoughts

For the woman who is getting pregnant for the first time, it becomes a very curious period because she is exploring the new phase of life so wants to know each why and how of pregnancy. But she must be guided in the right way and that is the job of trained medical professionals.

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