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What are the effective solutions to fix everyday problems with roller shutters?

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What are the main problems encountered with the operation of Rolling Shutters due to everyday use and the solutions for those troubles accompanied with the preventions taken to avoid any complications and When is the right time and situation to take the help of a professional?

Roller shutters are very necessary for the company’s security. Damaged or Disfigured shutters will be one of the reasons for a security breach. Along with the merits of roller shutters, they might encounter several problems due to daily wear and tear. In case of any wear and tear Professionals with high skills must be hired for roller shutter repair in London. Problems of Shutter built with different materials may also be different. There are two types of shutters-

  • Manual Shutters
  • Automatic Shutters

Automatic Shutters are generally code-oriented shutters. Code Oriented Shutters are generally looked upon with high security-driven.


  • Upward and Downward Sliding Problems

The major problem which is faced due to daily depreciation is that the shutter would easily slide upwards and downwards. This problem is generally encountered with Automated shutters. The Unaligned sensors will create flaws in the functioning and smooth operation of the door. If the shutters are stuck halfway, it is an indication that sensors are not working properly. Sensors must be cleaned on a regular basis as sometimes due to the accumulation of dirt particles these fail to function properly.

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●     Overscorching

Overburning is another issue with shutters. Shutters get overheated if they are constantly used over years. In this case, your motor has been overheated so you need to give some time to it so that it can be cooled down. Cooling of motors is very important for the smooth operation of the shutter.

●     Shutter Sticking

Lubrication problems may make shutters and jammed regularly. If you want to get rid of irritating and Lubricating problems simultaneously then in that case, spray WD40 Solution on the track lines which will surely prove useful in the jamming case. Spraying of this solution will fetch you a complimentary advantage of avoiding screeching sounds that may sound irksome to you.

●     Same Code

If you have installed a code based shutter, make sure to set up a very unique code. It probably should not be your birthdate or anniversary date because in that situation there is an increased chance of your code being hacked by creeps. It is recommended to set up the code or take necessary guidelines from the professional and adept installer.

  • Shutter Operation Speed is too low or too high

Due to spring related issues, the Shutter door’s operation can either become too fast or too slow. Due to the breakage of Shutter’s Spring or any cable, it may get loose on its hold and is operating very fast. In both cases, the shutter repairing expertise must be called.

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