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What are the different types of sex toys for women?

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Things have changed drastically in the Indian context in a matter of the last 20 years or so. Yes, things have changed in the Indian society and only for good. Thus, in a society where something minutely related to sex stood no chance to be accepted in the public domain is now being welcomed with both arms open. One might be tempted to  ask if the emergence of sex toys and adult products is being talked about over here. Yes, sex toys and adult products have literally come out of nowhere in the post liberalisation period in the Indian society and have already cemented its place in the daily lifestyle of thousands of Indians. 

What are the different types of sex toys for women? 1

Although making people understand the importance of sex toys and adult products was not an easy task to do. It certainly could not have been a smooth ride in a country filled with orthodox and conservative thoughts. But things changed, slowly and gradually. In a society, where there was no place for women who could express their sexual desires and fantasies freely the emergence of these sex toys and adult products was a game changing moment. 

There are various kinds of sex toys and adult products available ever since this nation underwent economic reforms in the early 1990s. Now women in India have a lot to choose from in order to satisfy their own sexual urges, desires and fantasies. The process of procuring sex toys and adult products has also become very convenient and accessible. There are plenty of e-commerce platforms that have been dealing in authentic and genuine sex toys in India. Each of them is pretty much capable of delivering sex toys and adult products to you at your doorstep.

Coming onto various kinds of sex toys and adult products that could be used by women in India in order to enhance the sexual pleasure and experience. It doesn’t really matter if a woman is using it all alone or with her partner, these sex toys and adult products that we are going to discuss below are bound to enrich her sexual experience. These products are must-haves for all women across the world.


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There are various types of dildos that are available in the market. Plastic dildos, glass dildos and huge gigantic black dildos are some of the most popular ones. Dildos have been popular amongst women since long. It is your go to sex toy when you are confused about which sex toy to go for.


Women love vibrators, don’t they? Women are their love for vibrators is not a secret anymore. One might have seen popular media projections acknowledging the use of vibrators by women in order to find solace within their own body. Discreet vibrator in this category is something to look forward to.


Nothing looks more beautiful than a woman in lingerie. Yes, believe it or not but it is a fact that a lingerie makes a woman feel more sensual about herself. Moreover, it also helps them turn on their male counterparts. Isn’t it great?

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