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What Are the Different Types of Elder Care Services in India?

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It’s common for people who have aged or have some long-term health issues to enjoy their lives with the help of care services. These elder care services in India allow them to keep their old habits with them and stay happy and healthy at the same time.

To understand the different kinds of elder care services available in India, we have researched and collected some of the most commonly found services. If you have elder yourselves as well, this should help you find a suitable care service for them as well.

What Are the Different Types of Elder Care Services in India? 1

Nursing homes

This is the most common type of elder care services that you can find out there In a nursing home, people tend to take care of elders who are not able to live by themselves, either because of old age or some health issues.

These nursing homes generally have trained staff to help elders with their day to day activities, which allows them to stay fit and happy. And these caretakers are available around the clock to the elders, which means they will help the elder whenever they run into any kind of issue, any time of the day.

The benefit of a nursing home is being able to live freely with people of the same age and mindset. Socializing becomes easy and everything is taken care of by the staff.

Home Care

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This is also commonly known as assisted living. In this scenario, elders will live in the vicinity of their own homes, and they will be offered well-trained staff to take care of their daily needs. This can include cooking, cleaning, or taking them for grocery shopping.

In some cases, a nurse can also be appointed in this case who will be responsible for taking care of all the medical needs of the elder, such as their timely medicine intakes, exercising, and more.

What Are the Different Types of Elder Care Services in India? 2

This service is mostly for those elders who are not able to live on their own but prefer to stay in their own house compared to moving to a nursing home. But this can also be applicable for elders who have issues with minimal things and can take care of their basic activities on their own. Either way, this is one of the best options since most elders prefer to stay in their own homes.

Cook services

In some cases, elders only require help with food preparation on a daily basis. For these scenarios, a cook at home service serves the best. Skilled and well-trained personnel will visit the elders every day to prepare their meals throughout the day and elders will be able to carry on with their day to day activities without any issues. This is especially beneficial for elders who have a hard time standing for a long duration of time.

Physiotherapy services

A trained person will visit the elders on a daily basis to help them with physical issues with the help of physiotherapy. This allows elders to regain better movement that they might have lost due to an operation, old age, or accident.

This is beneficial for elders who have trouble moving around properly. It will help them stay fit as well.


There are a lot of services one can go for when it comes to taking care of your elders. Whether you choose to offer them minimal services like a cook or a nurse at home, these tips will definitely help you out a lot. Some of these services can often come with other services like Property management for NRI in Hyderabad for people who live in other countries.

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