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What Are The Benefits Of Using CPVC Pipes For Your Home?

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The boom in the residential, housing and commercial construction industry, in particular, has fueled the high demand for cost-effective, efficient, quality piping and plumbing systems. The choice of water tube systems is based on the long-term overall value. Factors such as long-term costs, reliability, versatility, environmental effect, drinking water safety and public health must be addressed. CPVC Piping systems are the perfect choice because, apart from many other user friendly features, they are corrosion-resistant, robust, smooth, friction-free, resistant to bacterial growth and environmentally friendly. You can opt cpvc pipe manufacturers.

CPVC Pipes – Manifold Benefits

Elegant, highly clear, cost-effective processing and installation of CPVC pipes is simple. That means low shipping cost, quick, safe and easier handling, cuts and installs, reducing overall labor costs. CPVC pipes and fittings offer many vital advantages. 

Quick cold soldering is easy to mount, as no electric / heat source is required. The sole specifications for 100% leak proof joints are basic cutters, chamfering devices and CPVC solvents.

Excellent chemical resistance, degradation, and abrasion Do not break down in the most extreme water conditions and hostile environments such as low pH water, penetration to coastal salt air and corrosive soils. This can also be hidden beneath concrete plates directly without chemical reactions with concrete. 

Most suitable for transport of drinking water, bacterial growth retards that maintain very stable and good water quality. 

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Also for violent water pH levels of less than 6.5 they are suitable. CPVC water pipes should be accredited according to ANSI / NSF Standard 61 / Program Policy 45 (RVCM level is so low that they are not detectable). 

Energy consumption, reduced thermal conductivity and cost of isolation The thermal conductivity decreases dramatically and thus requires low insulation rates and costs. 

Excellent performance in difficult conditions These tubing systems are robust, stable and solid with a higher capacity for load bearing. It needs less hangers and supports with minimal offsets. 

High flexibility basically prevents water hammers Under normal conditions, no water hammer arresters are available because the strength of the water marrow is about one-third that of the copper or steel pipe.

The lack of scaling, snoring and leaching contributes to smooth and full bore flow and low water noise. It retains maximum water capacity due to no increase in scale and prevents loss of water pressure.

Coloured PVC Downpipe | Stratco

Extremely fireproof It has a very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) integral fire retardant property of 60. Therefore, in air these pipes will not be the cause of fire ignition or support or support burning. This does not raise the fire load, produces low smoke and spreads low fire without flaming drips. 

Complete leak-proof Cold soldering is fast and simple and guarantees leak-free installation over the life of the piping system. 

Cost effective, long-term reliability, high impact strength and durability for CPVC pipes. The initial costs are low and maintenance costs are lower compared to competitive materials. 

CPVC Pipe & Fittings Manufacturer in Rohtak Haryana India by R K ...

The CPVC system is four times louder than copper plumbing systems, eliminating not only the sound of running water, but the water hammer’s bounding noise as well. Its thermoplastic properties provide excellent insulation to avoid sweat and condensation virtually. It holds warm water cooler and colder than plumbing steel. The loss of energy across pipe walls is small, which saves money on heating and cooling. 

Fewer office thieves compared to copper or metal tubing. 

Long-term relative demand stability. 

Environmentally friendly, because its processing is highly energy intensive.

Wide Range of Applications

  • CPVC pipes’ excellent quality makes them ideal for the distribution of hot and cold water for residential, industrial and public projects. 
  • Water and wastewater treatment systems transport of chemical and hot corrosive liquids including a wide variety of inorganic acids, chemical manufacturing bases Use in the industries such as metal manufacturing, pulp and paper, regulation of air pollution, mining, aeronautical, textile, food and beverage production, fine sprinkler. 
  • Use as an electric net improvement high-tension cable protection tube.
  • Solar heating, central heating and floor radiant heating technology CPVC pipes installation and maintenance.
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