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What Are The Advantages & Applications Of CPVC Pipes And Fittings?

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The Rapid increase in the construction industry in recent years, especially in commercial and home accommodations increase the demand for the use of high quality as well as efficient at the same time that is cost-efficient, high quality & reliable plumbing structure. 

When going for a cost pipe and fitting system, the main factor to focus on is the long term value of the product. The product must fulfil factors like how reliable they are, how safe they’ll be for drinking water, health effects on the public etc.

When it comes to fulfiling all these choices, CPVC pipes and fittings are the perfect candidates for the pipe system as they have unique qualities like resistant to bacteria, corrosion-free, smooth, trustworthy, sleek looking and much more. Let us look at some of the advantages of these pipes made by best CPVC pipe manufacturers

What Are The Advantages & Applications Of CPVC Pipes And Fittings? 1

CPVC Pipes Advantages:

Easy & Cost Efficient:

CPVC pipes are not only light in weight but are extremely easy to install. Cutting the pipes is an easy process which remains the same while installing them. This is a huge advantage as it reduces the installation and labour cost. No heat is required for its installation as cold welding is enough.

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Extreme Resistance:

There are no effects on the CPVC pipes even in the toughest weather conditions and even the harshest services like High or low pH of the water or introduction of a soil that can corrode. 

Highly Suitable:

It delays the growth of the bacteria that is essential to keep the quality of water healthy and excellent.


The internal surface of the CPVC pipe is really smooth which high flow of the water and keeps the noise to a minimum. This, in turn, provides no loss in the pressure of delivery of water from the pipes.

Energy Efficient:

As the CPVC pipes are self-insulating they are great when it comes to reducing the heat and cost of installation.


These pipes are extremely efficient in harsh conditions and have the capacity to carry water in high pressure.

Fire Resistant:

CPVC pipes have a high LOI, Limiting Oxygen Index, which results in properties that hinder catching on fire, and has a low smoke production.


Since the pipe uses a cold binding agent, there are no possibilities of leaks for the entire life cycle of the CPVC pipe.


When compared to other material pipes in the market, CPVC pipes have low cost and maintenance cost, even the installation cost is extremely low than others.

Excellent For Home plumbing:

They have less probability of being stolen as compared to their counterparts like copper pipes etc., are much quieter than copper pipes, keeps the temperature of the water optimum, like the hot water stays hot and cold water stays cold for a longer duration compared to other types of pipes. Maintenance cost is also low compared to other types of pipes. Ecological in nature.

What Are The Advantages & Applications Of CPVC Pipes And Fittings? 2

Application of CPVC:

Ideal for:

  • The different temperature of water like hot or cold, to be transported in a household.
  • Good for bearing drinkable water as well.
  • Even for chemicals and other fluidsCPVC pipe is the best choice.
  • High industrial uses like in mining, aerospace, food transport, metal transportations.
  • Used for high tension cable protection.

Minimal installation:

The optimal way to design these pipes when it comes to water flow should be 5 – 12 feet per second. One thing to keep in mind that these pipes expand and contract after their installation more than other types of pipes, so they adequate space should be given while installing them. Provide proper support with verticle and horizontal supports should be provided. These pipes can be easily cut with simple sharp-edged saw.

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