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What are mobile cloud testing services?

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There’s no doubt about how important is Mobile Application Automation Testing for your apps and Software. Out of mobile phone users, more than 70 % of people use smart phones worldwide. This means your application should be compatible with almost all mobile phone brands, their models and all operating systems. 

Cloud Mobile Testing

It means to conduct Software Tests for your mobile applications in the cloud than on site environments. Here, the mobile applications and software are tested in the cloud itself using real like conditions and mobile environments or can be done by using actual devices that can be hosted in the cloud. The only thing you need to do is to find a cloud that supports the type of test you want to conduct such as AWS, Appium, Azure etc. 

Advantages of Mobile Cloud Testing

  • There is no requirement of conducting tests on site if you are running tests on cloud.
  • It becomes easier for the Testing teams to run multiple software tests simultaneously without being confined to the local infrastructure capacity. 
  • Multiple cellular devices can be used to test the application at the same time rather than using one type of phone at a time.
  • Cloud Mobile Testing is quite budgeted than conducting on-site testing because it requires setting up of the environment and maintaining the same.
  • Some test cases can require mobile testing on the actual mobile phones, in these conditions the testing teams and the testers have direct access to so many mobile phones on the cloud, eliminating the need to purchase any device.

There are a number of benefits of availing cloud mobile testing rather than getting mobile device testing service. Hence, you can benefit a great deal by switching over to cloud services even if you are using regular on-site testing environments. 

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