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Ways to Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality

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Graduating from the high school was the first journey that ended up with some great memories. Once I was out of the school, there were the expectations that hit me in the backbone.  It felt like coming out of the protective shield and now you’re open to the challenges and ready to face the storms. I sure was but every day felt like the particles of sand tripping out of your fingers. No matter how much you much you try to catch it, it will still leave. I was not a morning person and job felt like the burden to me. However, I had to make it through because financial freedom is the key to self-dependence. Well, tired of it, I planned some savings and planned my first ever Morocco Holidays. Since then, I am in love with the country.

Ways to Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality 1

The dream of travelling was merely an exciting thing to talk about until I was on the road wandering around and exploring the culture. People around me had a different opinion on leaving the job and making it up to your dream. I learned a few lessons from that. The life has some amazing ways to show excuses for not doing anything but if you really want it, just go for it. Never let your second thoughts change the decision, yes you don’t have to just jump all of a sudden. Calculate the risk factor but don’t let the fear of failure or anything to stop trying. Pursuing a dream and the one that you love is an amazing thing to follow.  If you’re a dreamer like me, just follow the tips and go for your dreams. Lack of passion in life can only lead you to stress and failure. Success comes when you step out of the comfort zone.

Tips to turn a travel Dream in Reality

This is the hard part of taking any decision. We have so many plans in our minds and it is very much possible that none of them will work accordingly. Anyways, life is all about choices, we chose to take chance and our life is changed forever. You end up with some everlasting lessons or you get what you dreamed of. So, it is always a win-win situation for the people who refuse to stay with guilt for the rest of their lives. It is always good if you think that it is good.

Ways to Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality 2
  1. Set up Savings

This is the crucial part. When I had to plan my trip, I was stuck between my needs and desire for travelling. The idea pops up in mind of making some money through freelance projects. It was hard in the beginning but eventually, end up with some very professional clients.

  1. Get Inspired

Follow some amazing travellers. A lot of people are quitting jobs and travelling, some have built up their business relevant to it for the sake of being on the roads. You can take inspiration from them. Read the stories, ask questions and get inspired before you start travelling.

  1. Take a travel companion
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If you’ve some great family members or friends willing to take up the challenge, then it is great to ask them for it.  But just in case, take your favourite books along. I know there are many books we buy to read but never give them the time. This time, it is a great opportunity to show some respect for them. I don’t know about you but it definitely about works for me

  1. Plan your trip other than global holidays

Some of the common vacations around the globe brings many crowded places. If you want to avoid it then plan your journey on other days. I will not only cost less but you can enjoy the place in a better way.  Danger Alert: the Solitude at the stunning places is addictive. 😀

Ways to Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality 3
  1. Stay realistic

You might have heard a lot about being optimistic. It is good to be positive about life but I prefer realistic. Reality is a little harsh but you always have the clear view of the situation. My Morocco Family Holidays were more realistic than a fantasy. I was not dreaming any unexpected things and that is the reason, I certainly fell in love with the place.

You have the chance to take the hold of your own life, just own it and become the saviour of your own life. Approval of the world is not important and you don’t have to follow them to fit in. Be yourself and start building up your dreams because when passion kicks in, it’s time for fear to leave.

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