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Want to have a financial background verification done on someone?

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Want to have a financial background verification done on someone? You can do it in these 5 situations

You just can’t go ahead and have a financial background and asset check on anyone. That might not be legal as wishing to know about everybody’s finances is not your business. But there are some situations where it’s perfectly normal to have such checks done and use the evidence to further your case.   

Whatever the case, you should clearly understand that conducting a financial background & asset check is never that easy, not even for top sleuths of India. Such matters tend to be sensitive and might involve a deft handling which only an expert team can do successfully.

 The good thing, both individuals and companies can benefit from financial background investigation to serve a variety of purposes, including from debt recovery to fraud detection, catching defaulters, getting clarity in matrimonial cases and so on.   

You can always trust a detective agency in Bangalore for verification of tangible & intangible properties, together with getting information about financial accounts, details on property, monetary transaction details and so on. 

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Here are five types of cases where you can benefit from financial background verification –

1. In cases of money/debt recovery  

Recovering money or debt is always a big challenge for individuals and organizations alike and the problem compounds further in cases where the defaulter is not in a mood to return the money despite having means to do it. In such cases, you can always think of trusting a private detective Bangalore for carrying out asset check, land check, machinery check, or check on other liquid assets. The evidence gathered in such cases can always be used as a proof in legal matters to make recovery easy.   

2. When employers doubt their employee has amassed wealth beyond their income  

Too many companies seek help of private detective agency Bangalore to run a financial background check on their employees in cases where they doubt someone has amassed wealth beyond their income. In such cases, a private detective can always get detailed information on liquid assets, properties, investment in jewelries, source of posh vehicles etc.  

3. In matrimonial cases

Many families seek financial checks in matrimonial cases to be sure about the other party and their claims. It’s quite common for approaching a top private detective in Bangalore to run detailed financial background verification on the potential prospect and their family to know their exact financial worth. Right from getting information on the movable & immovable properties of the party to knowing their investment in shares, jewelries, land, liquid assets etc. a private detective can find out everything regarding the finances that should matter to their clients.  

4. In cases of divorce settlement

Many couples don’t mind benefiting from the expertise and skills of best detectives in Bangalore for doing asset search for divorce settlement cases. In such cases, spouses want this type of financial background check on their partner for alimony claims. From investigating about intangible and intangible assets to checking liquid investments, property investment and finding other sources of income etc. a lot is searched to help clients with their alimony claims.

5. Cases of fraud investigation

Sometimes it becomes important for clients to seek financial background checks to find help in fraud detection. Such investigation is also sought to gain solid evidence to sort out legal cases by knowing the hidden assets. With best detective agency in Bangalore, it’s easy to gain edge in the matter of probate and win legal cases easily. More so, organizations always look to benefit from such investigation when they have been defrauded by some party and now they want to know the actual paying capacity of the defaulter.


It’s quite evident that a detective agency in Bangalore can play a huge role in giving great results with financial background verification and there is no reason you should not benefit from their expertise and skills.


Author Bio

Naman Jain is a popular sleuth who also likes sharing ideas and domain knowledge with the world.  His posts will give you a deep insight into the industry of private investigation and discuss issues ranging from pre matrimonial investigation to employment verification to cybercrime etc. As an MD to Sleuths India, he knows the industry inside out and his posts can help you understand the problems of the domain easily.

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