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Vacation or Staycation in Baku, Azerbaijan – It’s perfect for both!

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The city of Baku, Azerbaijan is a city of varying cultures and multitudes. After gaining their independence from the USSR, the country is trying to flourish back and make a mark on the world map. The country of Azerbaijan has a unique geographical location which puts it both in Europe as well as Asia. And the city gives you the best of both continents. The ambitious and exotic Middle Eastern vibe of the Emirates and the sophisticated and the culturally resplendent environment of Europe blend together harmoniously to give its visitors a memorable vacation experience. A holiday in Baku, Azerbaijan should be on your next to do list.

The Amazing hotels of Baku

The architectural style of Baku is highly modern with an eclectic aesthetic to it. The amazing accommodation options of Baku uphold the same standards as once you step in, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Some of the best hotels in Azerbaijan are present in the capital city of Baku. And for the winter season, a winter sports complex has been constructed which contains a luxurious ski lodge for visitors to stay in. Thus, if it is a swim in the temperature controlled pools or a lavish stay in the snowy mountains, you can find all of it here in Azerbaijan.

In the capital city of Baku, you’ll find hotels for all budget constraints. There are the budget hotels, the AirBnbs as well as the mid-range hotels. And then come the crème de la crème of hotels, which will cater to your every whim and fancy. Hotels such as the Marriott, Four Seasons, the Fairmont and the Hilton are known for their spacious rooms, amazing amenities, incredible architecture and unparalleled guest service. If you are planning a staycation here, these are the hotels you should look for.

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Food and the Nightlife

The food in Azerbaijan is an interesting fusion of flavors which will suit all kinds of palates. Including vegetables and meat equally in their diet, you won’t be disappointed by either. The cooking style here is a representation of flavors that traveled here from places across the globe as well as incorporating some of the delicious local styles.

The nightlife here is pretty interesting with incredible clubs such as Rai, La Vida and Pasifico are present. Equinox is the only beachside club here in the country. And the ambiance along with the vibe of the place is memorable.


It is said that a visit to Baku is incomplete without a visit to the fortified Old City. This walled city encloses within itself monuments such as the Maiden Towers, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the SiniqQala Mosque.

You can visit the incredible and one of a kind building here in Baku such as the HeydarAliyev Center, SOCAR Tower, The carpet Museum as well as the most iconic skyscrapers of the city, The Flame Towers.

In the surrounding areas of the city, you can see many places which tell a story about the historical past of the region. Places such as Gobustan National Park carry ancient carvings and a Museum for the guests to visit. You can even see the numerous muddy volcanoes present in the region from very close range. If you are visiting the country in winter, a trip to an authentic Azeri hamam is recommended. You can indulge in some religious history at the Ateshgah Temple and see the eternal flames at Yanar Dag which is also known as the Burning Mountain.

A trip to Azerbaijan is full of excitement and pleasure which makes it perfect for an adventurous vacation and even a comfortable staycation.

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