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UV lights for food and beverages irradiation and employee illness protection

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After the outbreak of COVID-19, disinfecting and protecting food items from bacteria, virus, and other harmful germs has become a priority. Food and beverages manufacturing units produce, pack and distribute different types of edibles items that need to be protected from pathogens and bacteria. Producing and delivering fresh and high-quality food is the prime concern of food processing plants along with taking care of the health of their employees and consumers. Companies can do this by using the right UV-C lights fixture in the plant.

Using germicidal UV luminaries is the best way to keep the edibles safe. This light emits shortwave UV-C that interrupts the DNA pairing and makes the germs inactive. This type of lighting is ideal for hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, food processing units, schools, etc.

How do UV lights protect employees?

Germicidal UV-C lights are the best option for protecting employees from the deadly COVID-19 virus. These luminaires come in both mounted fixtures and mobile units that can inactivate pathogens responsible for causing infections and spreading the virus. It kills illness-causing viruses present on high touched surfaces and air and prevents employees from getting sick.

How do UV lights protect food and beverages?

Using UV lights for protecting food has been a chemical-free irradiation option for hundreds of years. This light kills food-borne bacteria, such as Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria, etc. UV-C lights not only prevent foods from getting contaminated but also enhances their shelf life. It stops the growing and thriving of insects, mold, and sprouts. And also treats food packing and other processes.

Along with foods, beverages, and dairy, other pasteurization plants are also using UV-C lights on a large scale. It is used for sanitizing water in municipalities and bottled water in factories. It is also used to replace the pasteurization of milk, juices, and other beverages. It is because pasteurization kills good bacteria along with bad ones and lessens vitamins and minerals. So, this process is replaced by UV-C lights as it eliminates this problem and does not bring any changes in the chemical makeup of the items.

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Moreover, chemical-based methods for disinfecting and preserving food and beverages are getting banned, and irradiation techniques like UV-C lighting are being used worldwide.

Final note

UV-C lights are different from chemical disinfectants and are used in organic foods. Due to coronavirus, the demand for organic food has increased around the world. These foods cannot be legally irradiated. So, UV-C lights are the best option as they provide sterilization options.

If you are looking forward to exploring the best UV-C lighting, then the ULTRARAY™ CUBIX range by Wipro Lighting is highly recommended. This product usingUV-C technology offers 360-degree protection from illness-causing agents and disinfects the surfaces up to 99.9%. Hence, it is the best choice for manufacturing plant lighting.

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