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Low-Cost Uterine Cancer Treatment-Why India Is Your Best Choice

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What is endometrial cancer?

Uterine Cancer Treatment Endometrial cancer, also known as uterine cancer is a type of cancer that originates in the reproductive system of females. The inception of this most common gynecological cancer develops in the body of the uterus or womb of the female, between the ages of 60 to 70 years. Uterine cancer results from abnormal growth of cells present in the uterine tissue. This type of cancer is malignant in nature and obesity can amplify the risks of causing uterine cancer in a substantial way.

Low-Cost Uterine Cancer Treatment-Why India Is Your Best Choice 1

What are the types of treatment protocols?( Uterine Cancer Treatment )

Treatment for uterine cancer includes a bountiful of techniques, from surgery to hormonal therapy. Let us see what are the types of treatment in detail.

Surgery: When diagnosed in its early stages, surgery is the best option indeed. The extent of spread of the tumor is not extensive which makes the elimination easy. In some cases, patients with uterine cancer are treated with the help of combined treatment, wherein, surgery and other techniques like radiation therapy are carried out parallelly. Uterine Cancer Treatment

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Hysterectomy is one of the most preferred methods of treating uterine cancer surgically. In this type of surgery, the uterus of the patient is removed. There is another invasive procedure used to treat uterine cancer called bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, in which the patient’s ovaries(both), fallopian tubes as along with the uterus are removed via using surgical means. This type of surgery is used when endometrial cancer has invaded the woman’s ovaries first. Uterine Cancer Treatment

Apart from surgery, radiation therapy is also a method used to treat endometrial cancer. This therapy involves a procedure in which radioactive pellets are positioned in the inner part of the tumor. Also called as brachytherapy or internal radiation therapy, this therapy can reduce the rate of growth of the tumor. However, radiation therapy can cause a variety of complications including, nausea, diarrhea, and chronic fatigue. Uterine Cancer Treatment

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In addition, chemotherapy can be employed as the primary or secondary treatment protocol for endometrial cancer. In this treatment, anti-drugs are given to the patient (either orally or intravenously) to kill cells that are cancerous. The drugs enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body and annihilate cancerous cells. In this procedure, a combination of drugs is used to maximize the impact. Just like any other treatment procedure, chemotherapy involves many side-effects such as loss of appetite, hair loss, fatigue, mouth or vaginal sores and more.

Hormonal therapy is another type of treatment that uses drugs such as progesterone to slow down the growth of endometrial cells. When the disease is at its advanced stage, hormonal therapy is used. Teaatment for uterine cancer includes a bountiful of techniques, from surgery to hormonal therapy. Let us see what are the types of treatment in detail Uterine Cancer Treatment

In search of quality, low-cost treatment for endometrial cancer? Why choose India?(Uterine Cancer Treatment)

The prime reason why patients choose India to pursue medical treatments for endometrial cancer and other diseases is the quality of expertise available here. With top-notch surgeons, fully equipped medical facilities and the availability of equipment, The quality of treatment offered in India is supreme. Moreover, cancer treatment in India is affordable- the cost of the respective treatment protocols is significantly lower than that in countries like the US, UK, etc. And, with growing medical tourism, India is home to many reliable healthcare providers that offer packages to cut down the cost even further. Uterine Cancer Treatment

Hence, whether you are looking for precision and perfection or affordability, India is your best option for sure. Uterine Cancer Treatment  

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