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Using QuickBooks to Manage Inventory during a Manufacturing Firm

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Tracking inventory during a manufacturing firm is harder than in other sorts of businesses. once you boil down everything to its essence in QuickBooks, the matter stems from a few of tricky accounting requirements:

  • As a product manufacturing line every added cost and raw materials inventory involve items used to make finished products— and this is often the challenging part — that the manufacturing process reduces the inventory count and value for a few items (the raw materials or the components) and at an equivalent time increases the count and value of the opposite , finished-goods items.
  • In a manufacturing environment, the principles say that you simply don’t just count the worth of things within the finished-goods-item inventory values. you furthermore may count the value of labor and factory overhead utilized in manufacturing the things .

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QuickBooks solves the primary problem associated with manufacturing inventory, but it doesn’t solve or address the second problem. Fortunately, as long as you’re a little manufacturer, you almost certainly don’t got to worry an excessive amount of about the second problem. you ought to ask your CPA about this. But don’t worry — Congress and therefore the tax income Service have provided a bunch of loopholes that make the accounting easier for the tiny guys.

Handling manufactured inventory the straightforward way

If you’re using QuickBooks Pro or some earlier versions of QuickBooks Premier, you don’t have the power to account for the manufacture of inventory in QuickBooks. the simplest that you simply can do is group items to mix into individual items during a customer’s invoice.

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The one thing that’s problematic about the “just use a gaggle item” approach is that it doesn’t offer you how to trace the finished goods’ inventory values.

Performing accountancy in QuickBooks

To account for the manufacture of inventory in QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you add inventory assembly items to the Item list for those items that you simply manufacture. you furthermore may record the manufacture of things as you … well, manufacture them.

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